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Very Special Visitors

Yesterday we welcomed eleven little students from the Centralia College Lab School Kids from Centralia College Lab School checking out the printer Gorham Printingto our print shop! The kids took their very first bus ride out to our shop on the west side of Centralia with their chaperones.

They learned about proofs or “practice books” that we send to our clients before we print the book to make sure there are no mistakes. They watched a black and white printer in action and learned about “four up” and “two up” printing and were amazed that we print on paper big enough to print four books at once!

Next they saw Darryl slice through a stack of books blocks six inches thick on the cutting machine, then watched Karrie run book blocks through the binder.Kids from Centralia College Lab School took a peak at the Binder Gorham Printing

Finally they watched a stack of bound books go through the trimmer. This machine has lots of windows so they could see the books be pushed, pulled, and sliced to their exact trim size. They saw how a book is made from start to finish!

When the tour was over, we used a “parent” sheet (how we receive our bulk stock) to make a banner for all the kids to decorate.

Everyone had a wonderful time. We will always have a reminder of this special afternoon!

Thank you, Centralia College Lab School!

Kids made a Sign collage Gorham Printing Kids standing in front of school bus Gorham Printing

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