If you choose to design your own text or cover, we require a PDF file for printing. A PDF file can be made from a variety of software, including MSWord, MSPublisher and Adobe InDesign. A PDF file will "lock in" your fonts, photos and design, so the layout will not be altered when the file is printed. Making a PDF is the last step of the process, and should only be done after final editing and all of our requirements and instructions have been followed.

When we receive your PDF file, we will evaluate it to check for problems that could cause your book to print incorrectly. We will check for low-resolution images, bleeds, page size, margins and any other possible printing issues. If problems are found, we will ask you to send a revised file. We also impose your text PDF, which means that the pages are put into a particular order for digital printing.

To save costs, you may also choose to design your own cover. Programs like Adobe InDesign or Illustrator are typically used for book cover layout. As with text design, we require a trouble-free PDF file for printing. A properly-designed cover requires precise measurements of the trim size and spine width, with an 1/8 inch bleed on all outside edges. The cover must be provided as a single PDF file.

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