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Learn how to design, edit, and prepare your book's files for digital printing. We'll make it easy with these proven self publishing success tips.

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Learn How to Successfully Self-Publish Your Book

Congratulations! You’ve decided to skip the hassle of traditional publishers and do it yourself. Over the years, we’ve helped hundreds of small publishers and independent authors successfully publish their books.

We've compiled our knowledge into step-by-step categories to help make your self-publishing experience easier. Each category will have checklists, articles and tools that will help turn your manuscript into a market-ready book!

Editing for Print

Editing is a crucial part of any book's road to publication. Avoid these common editing mistakes.

Designing Your Book

In an instant, a buyer will judge a book from its design. Master the subtleties of book design.

Marketing Your Book

Even the best book needs a good marketing plan. Learn how to get your book in the hands of readers.