Cover requirements

  • Cover must be a PDF.
  • The back cover, spine, and front cover must be one piece, in a single PDF file.
  • The front and back cover type elements must be centered width-wise.
  • The cover must be setup to the book trim size, with the correct spine width, and your cover must extend into a 1/8-inch bleed on all 4 sides.
  • The barcode must be a vector image (NOT raster) on a white background. (I need a barcode.)
  • The spine text must be horizontally centered within the spine width, and must have a minimum of 1/16-inch space between the type and both folded edges of the spine.
  • If your spine width is less than .15-inch it cannot contain any text.
  • All fonts must be properly embedded.
  • If you are concerned with color output and/or image quality, review our color management and image quality guidelines.
  • Text should be vector.
  • Preview your PDF before submitting to us.
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