How much does it cost to get an eBook?

custom ebook formatting

How to Make an eBook:

An eBook is a digital version of a book designed to be read on eReader devices. We utilize the industry-leading technologies to ensure the best eBook formatting. Here's how to make an eBook:

  1. Submit your book's details using the form below.
  2. Review your order and submit payment.
  3. Upload your eBook manuscript and receive your files within two weeks!

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How does the eBook conversion service work?

The eBook formatting process converts your source file into digital book that can be comfortably enjoyed on any eReader device, such as Kindle or Kobo. We deliver hand-coded eBook files, ensuring the best level of service and reliability.

How long does it take to receive my eBook?

Once you have submitted payment and uploaded your manuscript files using our file upload tool, your eBook files will be delivered in 2-8 business days!

What's included with my eBook?

  • Mobi file - for Amazon upload
  • ePub file - for all other services
  • Reflowable or fixed layout
  • Front cover as first page of eBook
  • Back cover as last page of eBook
  • Linked table of contents

What is not included?

  • Indexes - eBooks are searchable, so no index is needed!
  • eISBN - when you upload using Amazon or Barnes & Noble they will provide an eISBN for free.
  • Videos - videos can prevent your eBook from being accepted to many eBook distributors

Where can I sell my ebook?

There are multiple platforms to sell your eBook. Here are a few options to consider once you have your eBook files:

Upload Your eBook Files

What Files Should I Upload?

Please submit your eBook as two separate files. Upload your cover image as a PDF, JPG, or TIFF file. Upload your interior manuscript as a PDF or Word file.