Interior Page requirements

  • All interior pages must be in one single PDF file, first page to last, in a single-page format (no spreads).
  • The pages must be all the same size. This should match your final trim size, or one standard size up if there are bleeds.
  • The margins must be at least .5 inch around text blocks (.75 inch is recommended).
  • Margins and page number positions should match up front-to-back.
  • The text must be solid black (0% gray or 100% K), rather than an RGB or CMYK build.
  • Images must not extend off the edge of the page, unless bleeds are indicated in your quote.
  • All fonts must be properly embedded.
  • No additional printer's marks should be visible, we will add our own printer marks for production.
  • The interior pages must contain the correct number of pages with color (when applicable), matching your quote. Beware of photos or images that appear black and white, but are saved in RGB or CMYK color spaces. These will increase your cost.
  • If you are concerned with color output and/or image quality, review our color management and image quality guidelines.
  • Text should be vector.
  • Preview your PDF before submitting to us.

Why can't I give you a MS Word file instead of a PDF?

We do not accept MS Word documents or any other native files in lieu of PDFs for ready-to-print books. Word files can have many potential problems, including: missing fonts, text reflow, embedded images, and many more. A PDF will lock everything in place so no movement or changes will occur. IMPORTANT: After converting your Word document to a PDF, check the PDF closely to ensure no unwanted changes have occurred in the conversion.

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