Sell books online with Booksite

  • After getting a PayPal Business Account, you will be able to receive a direct deposit for each book sale.
  • Provide us with reviews, descriptive copy about the book, and a few images, and we will set up a web page for your book.
  • The page will include an active Buy Button, and when clicked, payments will come directly to you through your PayPal account.
  • Your Booksite will be listed in our bookstore.
  • Cost is $120.00 for 12 months. Annual renewal is $60.00 for Booksite maintenance.
  • You may choose to fill orders on your own or you may add the Sales Tools Store & Ship service, and have orders filled for you.
Get a "home" on the web for your book, and keep the profits from all sales!

A Buy Button for your book

Get a web page for a fraction of the cost of starting your own domain and managing a website!


Keep all profits

Unlike other online bookstores, we do not take any percentage of sales. Other stores can take up to 50% of each sale!


Easier to share

Share the link to your Booksite with anyone on the web, through email, social media or other marketing avenues.

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