It is not difficult for book reviewers and mainstream publishers to discern a professionally-designed book from a book put together in word-processing software. Interior page layout is a subtle design process that involves more than tweaking margins and picking a typeface.

Cover design requires attention to color themes, spacing, and typefaces in addition to selecting an image.

If you have any doubt in your ability to create a flawless interior with a cover that pops, the Gorham printing design department is here to help. Our team of designers will use industry-standard book design software and decades of experience to turn your content and vision into a stunning volume ready for commercial sales or enjoyment by family and friends.

Why should we design your book?

  • We know book design and all the little nuances that go with it.
  • We handle the technical details to make your file print-ready
  • A well-designed book sells more copies and contributes to the credibility of your content.
  • Well-thought-out book design comes with experience, and we have over 20 years of just that.
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