Shipping Rates

How are Books Packed?

When books are completed, they are usually packed in 8.5x11x12 inch or 9x12x12.5 inch carboard boxes, depending on the book size. The books are stacked on top of each other in the box and next to each other and will be packed tightly to prevent too much movement. Most boxes weigh between 25lbs to 43lbs. To get an estimate of your order’s weight, use the Pricing tool and continue to "Checkout" to see your total shipping weight and price.

How are Books Shipped?

After the final invoice is paid in full, we ship books using UPS Ground, UPS Expedited, Old Dominion Freight or USPS Media Mail. Shipping method options are dependent on order specs and your location and binding style. Some shipping methods may not be available to all location and orders. To get a shipping quote, use the Pricing Tool or Contact Us to discuss your shipping needs.

If your order is over 300lbs or move than 10 boxes, your order may ship via Freight. Your boxes will be bundled on a pallet, strapped and wrapped then shipped by Old Dominion Freight. They will call to schedule delivery and bring a liftgate to delivery your pallet to your driveway or business.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship Books?

Since each book is a different size, page count, and weight it best way to figure out how much it cost is to use the Pricing Tool. Usually, a box of books cost between $25-$45 to ship within the USA.


Where Can Books Ship?

We ship to all fifty states of the United States of America and limited locations in Canada. If you are interested in shipping books to Canada, contact us by sending an email or calling us at 1-800-837-0970 to discuss shipping options.

If you are shipping outside the USA, we recommend contacting your shipping broker for crossing the border. Additional fees and transit times will apply.

Extra Protection for Shipping

Even with the careful packaging, there is always the possibility of damage in shipping. We assist in shipping claims if needed. However, if you are aware of packages in your area being damaged often, we do recommend opting for extra protection such as double-boxing, shrink wrapping, or slipsheets. The available protection options on your order can be found on the shipping page in the Pricing Tool.

Special Requests

If you have any questions about shipping, or have a special request, please Contact Us.