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Keep 100% of the profits from your book sales!


    Booksite, your online bookstore listing

  • A web page for your book with a Buy Button.
  • A listing for your book in our online bookstore
  • Booksite + Store & Ship, book order fulfillment

  • Free book delivery to a local fulfillment warehouse for storage
  • Upon purchase, your book is picked, packed and shipped

"Just the service I've been seeking! My office is filled with boxes of books, and I've wanted to make them available for sale online. It's a hassle to ship them to buyers who might want to buy a copy. Now, with Gorham Printing, it's all taken care of: ordering, shipping, and collecting payment. I just print the books and keep the profits."

—Julie Zander, Chapters of Life author
Writing books is hard; selling them doesn’t have to be with our Sales Tools

About Booksite

We all know the value of a Buy Button. When a potential reader can pay with a credit card online, you are more likely to make a sale!


About Store & Ship

Local fulfillment company Major Goods will provide safe and secure storage, and they will pick, pack and ship the order within 24 hours.


Frequently Asked Questions

Get the details on how Sales Tools works, from questions about Booksite, to how books are stored and shipped.

Compare our service to what else is out there

What Sales Tools will give you:

Free shipping to Major Goods' warehouse

No storage fees for the first year

Unlimited storage footage

$10 per month for web page hosting

100% of net profits retained by you

No relabeling barcodes needed

Lower cost per book with larger print orders

No competition with third party booksellers


What other companies will give you:

You pay for shipping to their warehouse

Monthly storage can cost $11.25 per cubic foot

Limited storage footage

$39.99/month for some online selling programs

Up to 55% of proceeds taken by bookseller

Barcode relabeling required, 20 cents per book

No quantity discounts for larger orders

You compete with third party discounting booksellers.

Use our Sales Tools solutions to get your book moving in the right direction!
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