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Sell Your Custom Book Online

Sales Tools empowers independent authors and self publishers with the tools they need to take control of their books’ financial success.


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Your Personal, Online Bookstore

Reach more customers with Booksite, a one-page, customizable webstore for independent authors to list and sell their books.

How it Works

When you print your book with Gorham Printing, you'll have the opportunity to list your book in our online store. Each book gets its own webpage called a Booksite. Booksite pairs with your PayPal Business Account to create a customizable storefront where customers can purchase your book.

Share information about your book like your author bio, plot summary, reader reviews, and more. Unlike other online distributors, Sales Tools does not take any percentage of your profits.

1. Print Your Books

Get a quote and print your next hardcover, softcover or spiral bound book.

2. Setup Your Booksite

We create your Booksite using your reviews, photos and descriptions.

3. Store & Ship Orders

Use your PayPal Account to collect and ship your orders from home.

4. Reprint as Needed

Contact Gorham Printing when its time to reprint your inventory.

Quickly start selling from your personalized web store

Keep 100% of the profits from your books. Other stores can take up to 50% of each sale!

Manage a dynamic web page for a fraction of the cost of hosting your own domain and website.

Enjoy fair visibility for all listings with no hidden fees ever.

Just the service I've been seeking! My office is filled with boxes of books, and I've wanted to make them available for sale online. . . . Now, with Gorham Printing, it's all taken care of.

julie zander

Julie Zander
Author of Chapters of Life

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