Gorham Printing Referral Program

Gorham Printing Referral Program Terms

The Gorham Printing Referral Program allows existing customers to earn 10% additional free books on their next order when they refer a new customer to Gorham Printing. Additionally, the new customer you refer also earns 10% additional free books on his/her first order.

Participation in the Referral Program depends on the following terms and conditions.

How to Earn Referral Credit

Referral credit is awarded to qualifying customers when they refer a customer to Gorham Printing who places a half-down deposit on a new print order. The new print order must meet the following qualifications:

  • New print order must be for softcover (perfect bound) books
  • Referred customer must not have placed an order with Gorham Printing previously
  • Gorham Printing must not have printed previous editions of the book

Program Conditions

Referral credit is capped at 100 free books. Credit expires 6 months following the placement of the referred customer's original deposit. Credit can only be applied towards softcover book orders.

Customers can accrue multiple referral credits, provided that each referral meets the above qualifications. Credit for 10% free books cannot be combined on a single order but instead apply to each subsequent order.

How to Redeem Referral Credit

When placing an order, the new customer must include the name of the person who referred them on the Review page of the quote generator. Once submitted, a Gorham Printing representative will review the order to make sure it meets the above qualifications. If the order qualifies, Gorham Printing will send notification to the customer and automatically print 10% additional books over the customer's original order quantity.

Once the new customer places a half-down deposit for a qualifying order, Gorham Printing will match the referrer's name to an existing Gorham Printing account. Gorham Printing will send notification to the referrer that the credit has been added to his/her account. When a qualifying order is next placed from that account, Gorham Printing will automatically include 10% free additional books over the selected print quantity.

For questions about the Gorham Printing Referral Program or to check if your account has referral credit, please contact us.

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