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For over forty years, we've helped authors and publishers print custom books at affordable prices. Our craftsman approach and unbeatable service ensure that our books meet our high quality standards.

What is Short Run Book Printing?

Short run printing is a method of printing books that exists somewhere between print-on-demand and offset printing. It gets its name from the size of its typical print runs, which are "shorter" (meaning fewer in quantity) than traditional, offset print runs.

Gorham Printing is a short run, digital book printer based in Centralia, WA. Our production process utilizes Konica production printers, which are sheet-fed, toner-based printers capable of printing at speeds of 160 sheets per minute with up to 8 pages per sheet. We optmize our machines to print between 25 and 2,000 books per order.

What is Offset Printing?

Compared to short run book printers, offset printers typically print on larger sheets of paper at considerably faster speeds. However, this process takes longer to set up and requires additional steps during the binding stage. With these additional requirements, offset printing only becomes efficient when printing roughly 5,000 or more books.

What are the Advantages of Short Run Printing Over Offset Printing?

With offset printing, the price per book does not become cost-effective without ordering a significant amount of books. Having your money tied up in inventory can be problematic, and you'll have to contend with the space requirements of storing all those books.

Short run printing allows you to be more flexible with your print run size because it stays cost-effective at lower quantities. Reprinting your book is also faster because there is less setup involved than offset printing.

What is Print-On-Demand?

Print-on-demand (POD) is a relatively new method of book printing. When you register your book with a print-on-demand service, your book is made available for purchase but is not actually printed right away.

When someone does buy your book, the printer produces the exact number of copies bought by the customer. These copies are packaged and shipped directly to the buyer. The entire process is highly automated, requiring little to no intervention from a human.

What are the Advantages of Short Run Printing Over Print-On-Demand?

Print-on-demand incorporates both printing and distribution, making it practical for authors who do not want to handle shipping. However, when comparing the price per book, printing one book at a time is more expensive than doing a full print run.

Short run printing allows for more quality checks and better color control during production. Short run printing also opens the door for more customization options, such as binding selections, book sizes, and paper stocks.

Which Printing Method is Right for You?

When comparing these three very different approaches to book printing, short run printing is a great option if you plan on printing between 25 and 2,000 books. If your initial print run requires many thousands of books, offset printing may be a more cost-effective approach. Some authors will opt to use a print-on-demand approach as it provides for a low budget means to distribute your book.

If you need at least 25 or more books, I encourage you to get a quote using Gorham Printing's Get a Price Tool. With great service and a huge range of customization options, we've got what you need to print your perfect book.

How Much Does it Cost to Print a Softcover Book?

6x9 • Black & White Interior pages


100 books

250 books

500 books

50 pages

100 books: $3.47

250 books: $2.86

500 books: $2.57

150 pages

100 books: $5.50

250 books: $4.77

500 books: $4.42

300 pages

100 books: $8.47

250 books: $7.58

500 books: $7.16

8.5x11 • Black & White Interior pages


100 books

250 books

500 books

50 pages

100 books: $4.21

250 books: $3.50

500 books: $3.21

150 pages

100 books: $7.61

250 books: $6.72

500 books: $6.31

300 pages

100 books: $12.61

250 books: $11.44

500 books: $10.96

How Much Does it Cost to Print a Hardcover Book?

6x9 • Black & White Interior pages


100 books

250 books

500 books

50 pages

100 books: $18.23

250 books: $14.92

500 books: $13.31

150 pages

100 books: $20.37

250 books: $17.06

500 books: $15.01

300 pages

100 books: $24.23

250 books: $20.33

500 books: $17.95

8.5x11 • Black & White Interior pages


100 books

250 books

500 books

50 pages

100 books: $20.78

250 books: $17.20

500 books: $14.95

150 pages

100 books: $24.58

250 books: $20.26

500 books: $17.78

300 pages

100 books: $30.69

250 books: $25.14

500 books: $22.58

Premium Features to Make Your Book Stand Out

We don't just print your book; we help make it shine. We hand prepare every print run, allowing us to offer an expanded selection of custom features, stocks, and sizes. So if you're looking for a little something to make your book stand out from the competition, consider one of our premium features.

3D Spot UV

3D Spot UV

Rounded Corners

Rounded Corners

Metallic Printing

Metallic Printing

Discover other ways to elevate your book by exploring our full lineup of premium features. Looking for a feature that you don't see listed? Contact us, and we'll see if we can add it to your print order.

The Short Run Printing Process

Books start as ideas. Turning those ideas into printed pages takes a few steps. Luckily, short run printing uses digital machines, making the process both fast and straightforward.

Superior Quality in Either Color or Black and White

Digital printing remains at the forefront of book printing technology. Gorham Printing utilizes industry-leading machines, staffed by skilled technicians who will ensure that your books print at the highest quality.

Print in both vibrant color and rich black and white. Our machines use CYMK toner, a super-fine powder that is electrically charged and then fused with the paper during printing. This process produces crystal clear images on all types of paper, including both our coated and uncoated stocks.

Vibrant, Full-color Digital Printing

color book printing

Crystal Clear Black & White Printing

black and white book printing

Why Print Your Book with Gorham Printing?

For over 40 years, we've perfected the art of making books. Whether you're a new author or published dozens of books, we deliver professional grade quality to every client. We offer both design services and tools to help sell your books, making it easier than ever to successfully self publish.

custom book printing features

Freedom to Customize

Make your book exactly how you like it. Choose your binding, trim size, paper, and more with our online quote tool. Get instant pricing with no hidden fees.

Build Your Custom Book  

book binding service

Made in USA Quality

Since 1976, we've printed our books right here in the Pacific Northwest. Our paper stocks are responsibly sourced and Rainforest Alliance certified.

Learn About Our Paper Stocks  

book printing customer service

Talk with Real Experts

When you call us, you'll talk with a real book printing expert who will oversee your entire production process. We work with authors of all experience levels.

Connect With an Account Rep  

2022 Self Publishing Guidebook

Take your self-publishing knowledge to greater heights with our free guide to self publishing. Learn strategies to help prepare, print, and sell your book. We print the guide 100% in house, making it a tangible example of our paper and print quality.

self publishing guide

Working with Gorham has been simply the best experience for which I could have hoped. It’s my wish that all authors can have the same moment of overwhelming elation when they open a box of their own hardbound books.


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This is the third book that Gorham Printing has printed for us. It's of the highest quality and our customers were very impressed. This was our first hardcover book and the binding, paper, and colors are outstanding.


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