eBook FAQs

How long does it take?

Please allow 10-15 business days for eBook file formatting. Photos and special text layout will increase formatting time.

Can you make me an ebook only, with no printed books?

No, we only produce ebooks for books we have also printed.

What kinds of file formats will you accept for eBook formatting?

eBooks are made from PDF files. The eBook will look quite similar to (but not exactly the same as) the PDF file.

What are the eBook file types?

iPad, Nook and others use the EPUB format. We produce EPUB2 format that DOES NOT utilize the interactivity, audio and video, media overlays, text-to-speech, etc. of the EPUB3 formats.
Amazon Kindle uses the MOBI format for e-ink devices, and KF8 for the Kindle Fire.

How do eReaders work?

There are no "pages," only a container that holds words flowed into it. Chapters are found via clicking active links on the contents list rather than referencing a page number. The text will look different on every device because text size, line spacing and fonts are controlled by the reader which can incur widows and orphans in the text.

Where and how do I sell my eBook files?

Amazon.com is the place to sell your MOBI files (they do not sell ePub files). Go to: Amazon KDP. Amazon will require you submit information for direct deposit, publishing and digital rights. They will take 35-70% of the profit.
BarnesandNoble.com can sell your ePub file for the Nook. Go to: Nook Press They will take 40-65% of the profit, depending on the price for the book.
Your own website. After purchasing from your website (perhaps using PayPal), you would email the file directly to the purchaser. The purchaser can then save the eBook format (either mobi or ePub) directly to their device.You keep 100% of the profit!

How many ISBNs do I need?

You will need one ISBN for each edition (one each for print, ePub and .mobi) if you want to register all editions in Books in Print; otherwise Amazon and B&N will assign an inventory number to the eBooks. Printed books also require a barcode on the back cover if selling in a bookstore or online.

There are online services that convert eBook files for free. Why should I pay?

Some online conversion services may be free, but require significant work on your part to prepare the file so it goes though the free service with no guarantee of a quality-looking eBook for your reader. Other companies will take a percentage of any profits made from the eBook files they provide, which makes them the publisher. Gorham Printing does not take any proceeds from your book sales.

Who is the Publisher?

You are the publisher. Gorham Printing is not a publisher. This means that we do not sell ISBNs, distribute books or sell books. We do not hold any rights to your book, and we do not require publishing contracts. Our work is "for hire,"  so once finished, the eBook designs are yours to do with as you like.

Can Gorham Printing submit my files to the online booksellers?

Yes, we can put your eBook up for sale at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Can any type of book be converted to an eBook format?

No. Only about 75% of all books would work in an eBook format. Books with many charts, photos, tables, videos or interactivity might be better as an App.

My book design contains specific fonts. Will they be retained?

No. The devices display a very limited number of typefaces, and allow the viewer to control the typeface and type size. Basic text attributes like italics, bold and underline are supported; or simple paragraph alignments such as right, left and center. If it is vital to keep certain typefaces for headlines or title pages, they must be turned into an image.

How are the eReader devices different?

Some Kindles are "e-ink", which means the screen is not lit up with light and is much easier on the eyes than the iPad or Nook. Devices such as the Kindle Fire, iPad and Nook are not e-ink devices, and have a back-lit screen like a computer monitor which is hard on the eyes for lengthy reading. However, these devices have more design capability, and can show color and video with clarity.

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