eBook FAQs

What is an eBook?

An eBook is a digital version of a book designed to be read on eReader devices like the Amazon Kindle. Most eBooks are reflowable which gives the reader the control of fonts style and size. Books that are image heavy such as children’s books or cookbooks, are made into fixed layout eBooks. Fixed layout eBooks look identical to the printed book, but can be opened on eReader devices. Depending on your genre we can help you select the right eBook conversion for you!

How much does an eBook cost?

There are free softwares that will convert a PDF to an eBook, but these are prone to formatting issues, photo corruption, and an unlinked table of contents. Our team consists of real people who review and convert your files to create a professionally designed eBook.

Reflowable eBook (most books)

  • 100 pages or less $175
  • Over 100 pages $1.75/page

How long does it take to make an eBook?

Once payment and files are received and approved, the eBook conversion only takes 2-8 business days!

Where can I find an eReader for my computer?

For your epub file, you can download Adobe’s free eReader Adobe Digital Editions to open epub files on your computer. For your mobi file, you can download Amazon’s free eReader Kindle Previewerto view your file on a computer.

Do I have to get printed books to create an eBook?

No, you do not need to print a book to order an eBook. However, we do offer promotions on receiving eBooks with printed books!

Where can I sell my eBook?

There are several eBook distributors online! Popular eBook distributors are Amazon's KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing), Barnes & Noble Nook, Applebooks or even your own personal website. Most distributors will have you create an account and connect your Paypal information. Contact your desired distributor to learn more!

Will you put my eBook on Amazon or Barnes & Noble?

Since there is personal information required for both of these accounts, this is something you would want to yourself.

I have a children’s picture book; can it be an eBook?

Yes! This would be a Fixed Layout eBook and would hold the layout of each page exactly as it’s printed.This is ideal for 100 pages or less because this creates a much larger eBook file than a standard Reflowable eBook.

Can my eBook pages look exactly like my printed book pages?

Yes! This is called a Fixed Layout eBook. This is ideal for 100 pages or less because this creates a much larger eBook file than a standard Reflowable eBook. Most eBooks will work best as a Reflowable eBook, but Fixed Layout eBooks are perfect for children’s books, graphic novels, and more. If you are unsure if this is the right fit for your eBook, please contact us and we will help you determine the right eBook layout for you!

Will my cover be in the eBook?

Yes! The front cover will be the first page of your eBook followed by your interior content. The back cover is the last page of your eBook.

Can I make changes to my eBook after they are done?

You can make changes up to one week after receiving your final eBook files. There is a $20 charge for changes. After one week, a new conversion will be required.

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