eBook FAQs

What is an eBook?

An electronic version of a printed book that can be read on a computer or handheld device designed specifically for this purpose. The content appears on digital devices and usually allows the font, size, etc. to be controlled by the reader and their device

How much does an eBook cost?

Standard formatting, like a novel, is usually $70 setup + $1.70 per page. More complex or unique formatting that may include images, indexes, tables, special chapter headers, etc. will need a custom quote to make sure the right eBook formatting is done. Contact Us to discuss pricing.

How long does it take to make an eBook?

Once you approve your files for production and we receive your eBook information, the conversion usually takes about 1-2 weeks for standard formatting. If your eBook has complex or unique formatting, it may take a bit longer.

Where can I find an eReader for my computer?

For your epub file, you can download a free eReader from Adobe called Adobe Digital Editions to open epub files on your computer. For your mobi file, Amazon has a Kindle Previewer that is a free download to view your file on a computer.

Do I have to get printed books to create an eBook?

Yes, you will need at least one printed order of your book to order an eBook. If you have a book that you printed with us in the past and now would like an eBook of that book, you can order the eBook separately.

Where can I sell my eBook?

Once you have your ebook files, you can put them up for sale on Amazon's KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing), Barnes & Noble Nook, or through a personal website. Most major eBook stores require you to create an account and then upload a cover image and your eBook files.

Will you put my eBook on Amazon or Barnes & Noble?

This is the responsibility of the author/publisher which is you. However our local indie-publisher Sage Adderley offers services to help you! Check out her page to contact her.

I have a children’s picture book, can it be an eBook?

Yes, but it involves a very special formatting. We can create a fixed layout for you but for a more interactive children’s eBook, we recommend checking out Kindle Kids’ Book Creator.

Can my eBook pages look exactly like my printed book pages?

Yes, this is called a fixed layout. It will involve a complex eBook conversion and a custom eBook pricing. Contact Us to discuss pricing.

Will my cover be in the eBook?

Your front cover will be the first page of your eBook followed by your interior content. The back cover is left off because your eBook sales page usually includes the back cover information.

Can I make changes to my eBook after they are done?

Once the eBook files are made they are unchangeable. If you do have changes, new files would have to be submitted and a complete conversion would have to happen again.

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