With phones, computers, ereaders, and other electronic devices, having a digital copy of your book that is made for digital viewing can help you promote and market your book. Along with your printed books, you can now receive an eBook conversion from Gorham Printing!


eBook Files We Provide:

  • Mobi. Mobi is for Kindle devices.
  • Epub. Epub is compatible with all other devices.

eBooks Can Include:

  • Interactive table of contents. Your table of contents will include links to each chapter for the reader to navigate.
  • Cover graphic. Your front cover will be the first page of your eBook.
  • Photos & tables. Photos, tables and charts will appear on newer devices.
  • Hyperlinks. Active links that point to websites, bookstores or other resources.
  • Footnotes. Footnote numbers are active, linking to the note text.

How to Get an eBook:

  • Get a Quote. You may add an eBook to your quote on the Quote Generator or if your book is already printed by us, Contact Us to get a price! For most simple formats (like novels) it usually starts at $70 setup + $1.70 per page.
  • A Little Info. We will need to know just a few things from you including publisher name or author name, your book’s genre, and if you need an eISBN (we can provide one for $30).
  • Conversion. Once we have all your info and you have approved your files for production, the files will be converted to an epub and mobi file, usually within 2 weeks.
  • Receive Your eBook! Once the conversion is completed, we will send you both eBook files. To view the files on your computer, follow the eReader instructions for mobi and epub. Now you may take your eBook to Amazon, Barnes & Noble or other sites to sell your eBook!

Where to Sell your eBook:

There are multiple platforms to sell your eBook on. Here are a few options to consider once you have your eBook files:

  • Kindle Direct Publishing. This is Amazon’s eBook publishing site. The first step is creating an account on Kindle Direct Publishing and uploading your mobi file.
  • Barnes & Noble Press. Using your epub file, you may create an account on the Barnes & Noble eBook site to sell your eBook.
  • Apple Books. Make an iTunes Connect account and upload your epub file to the Apple Books store.
  • WordPress Blog. If you already have a wordpress or are thinking about starting one, you have the option to use isell to sell your eBook. This how-to can help you set it up!
  • On Your Website. After setting up your own website, you may be able to add a purchase and download option for your eBook. Contact your webhost to find out how.

Need help setting up your eBook pages? Our local veteran indie-publisher Sage Adderley is available to help set up your eBook sales page on KDP and Barnes & Noble Press! Check out her page to contact her.

Have another question about eBooks? Check out our eBook FAQ to learn more about our process and services.

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