When it comes to the modern world of electronic devices, creating an eBook to help market your book is a must!

what is an ebook

How to Get an eBook

Having a professionally converted eBook will help you reach more readers and make your book accessible to millions more people. You can convert your manuscript into an eBook by following these simple steps:

1. Request a Quote.

Use our eBook price calculator to get a custom quote.

2. Upload Your Files

Submit your payment and files for conversion.

3. Receive Your eBook

Get your eBook files in less than two weeks!

What is an eBook?

An eBook is a digital version of a book designed to be read on eReader devices like the Amazon Kindle. Most eBooks are reflowable, meaning there are no page numbers and the reader has control of the font size and style. Books that are image heavy such as children’s books or cookbooks, are made into fixed layout eBooks. Fixed layout eBooks look identical to the printed book, but can be opened on eReader devices. Depending on your genre we can help you select the right eBook conversion for you!

What is included with my eBook?

  • Mobi file - for Amazon upload
  • ePub file - for all other services
  • Reflowable or fixed layout
  • Front cover as first of eBook
  • Back cover as last page of eBook
  • Linked table of contents

What is not included?

  • Indexes - eBooks are searchable, so no index is needed!
  • eISBN - when you upload using Amazon or Barnes & Noble they will provide an eISBN for free.
  • Videos - videos can prevent your eBook from being accepted to many eBook distributors

Where Can I Sell My eBook?

There are multiple platforms to sell your eBook. Here are a few options to consider once you have your eBook files:

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