You’ve written your book, it’s been proofread by your spouse, and typos have been corrected. You’re ready to print your bestseller. However, you may want to consider another step. Authors with the most success have their books professionally edited before book design begins. It is not necessary to meet your editor face to face (although some prefer this approach). Most editors work with clients across the country and world. Correspondence and manuscript sharing can be done via email.

Many different services are provided by professional editors, and while all authors can benefit from all services, there are different levels of complexity. Keep in mind that every editor’s services will differ slightly, so make sure you and your editor are in agreement on the work that will be done.

Types of Editing

  • Copy Editing (also called proofreading) is the simplest level of editing. A professional who proofreads your manuscript will check for punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, spelling, and typographical errors.
  • Line Editing is more advanced. An editor providing this service will help you develop your voice. This process will explore word choice, paragraph structure, flow of narrative, language style, and readability.
  • Developmental Editing will hone the storytelling aspect of your work. Both fiction and nonfiction require a narrative structure that encourages the reader to continue reading. For novels and in many cases memoirs, your editor will provide feedback on plot, character, theme and symbolism. Rearrangement, rewriting, and new writing may be recommended. Nonfiction books may need work with chapter/section organization, clarity, and indexing.
  • Research Editing may also be necessary for works of nonfiction. In this situation, your editor will provide citation verification and check for citation structure and plagiarism.

No matter what kind of book you’ve written or how long you’ve worked on it, your work can benefit from professional editing. You've come this far, don't sell yourself short at the last minute! Professional editing can make your good book great. A great book appeals to more readers and generates more sales.

An internet search on editors can provide an almost endless list. Gorham Printing has recommended Barbara Fandrich for her professional editing services for many years. Recently, we’ve networked with several more editors, and their contact information is listed below:

Editors we recommend:

  • Barbara Fandrich has edited over 145 manuscripts of every genre. When editing your manuscript she will do whatever is needed and agreed upon in advance, from light proofreading to a complete overhaul. Her charge is $40 per hour, and a free quote is available on request with a sample chapter.
  • Girl Friday Productions is a full-service editing company that can handle all editing details, including developmental editing, line editing, and author consultation.
  • Christina Dudley is a successful local author specializing in Developmental Editing.
  • Jeff Burlingame is the NAACP Image Award-winning author of dozens of nonfiction books and enjoys helping other authors with developmental, line and copy editing. Contact him with a sample chapter for a quote. Website: www.jeffburlingame.com Contact: burlingamejeff@gmail.com.
  • Steve Haske is a professional freelance writer and editor that's written for Vice, Wired, Salon and a host of other magazines and sites, in addition to working on various fiction-based projects. He has done contract proofing, editing and advising on manuscripts, scripts, articles and personal documents, adapting for any requirements to style, tone and overall context. Contact: sdhaske@gmail.com, or call 503-953-3027.
  • Melanie Saxton is a professional, widely published writer and editor (and certified English teacher) specializing in book editing and ghost-writing assignments.
  • Victoria Mixon is an independent editor, working with both fiction and nonfiction, handling novels, short stories, poetry, narrative nonfiction, memoir, autobiography, trade nonfiction, textbooks, articles, and essays.
  • Val Dumond has been writing and editing for more than 25 years. She shares her knowledge of words through writing classes and workshops and through her published books (Grammar For Grownups and The Anarchist’s Guide to Grammar). Many of her students have successfully published their books. Her current editing services include free consultation to determine estimated costs, followed by a brief (one-page) contract that protects both editor and author. Website: www.valdumond.com. Contact: valdumond@valdumond.com
  • Jo Becker is a retired professional librarian in Aberdeen, Washington. Her extensive library background combined with training in English literature, composition and copyediting qualify her as a capable editor. You may contact her at: becker0204@comcast.net
  • Sue Miholer provides editing services to individuals, as well as copy or line-editing to publishers, usually working directly with the author. Have edited manuscripts for Multnomah Publishers, WinePress Publishing, Christian Publications, Regular Baptist Press, Kregel Publications, Deep River Books (Bill and Nancie Carmichael) and Barbour Publishing as a freelancer. Email at: suemiholer@comcast.net
  • Chad R. Sievers, a highly experienced editor and writer, offers freelance content and/or copy editing. He can help authors develop manuscripts at book and chapter level for content, organization, audience, clarity, and brand. Email at: SieversCommunications@gmail.com
  • Karen Cohen, freelance editor. Loyola Marymount University proofreader of major publications such as the academic calendar, the schedule of classes, and the annual commencement program. Never missed a deadline! Email at: word4word@mindspring.com
  • Deanna Partlow's 30 years of experience spans the written communication field. In 2011, she and her husband, fellow journalist Bob Partlow, founded WordCraft, LLC, a small writing, editing and media relations service. An avid family historian with certificates from the University of Washington program, she especially enjoys helping writers with family histories and projects. She says of her editing philosophy, "My goal is to preserve the writer's voice and style while being the reader's best friend. I love helping an author communicate more clearly and effectively with readers." Deanna has taught college-level journalism courses, worked with writers of varied experience and edited works that are complex and lengthy. She's had extensive teamwork experience with graphic designers and other communication professionals. She can be contacted at dpartlow130@gmail.com or 360-539-7863.
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