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No matter what kind of book you’ve written or how long you’ve worked on it, your manuscript can benefit from professional editing. Taking the extra step to have your book professionally edited can take your book from good to great.

We want to help you find the right kind of editing and editor for you! Not only will you find quick summaries of the most common types of editing, we’ve also compiled a list of editors and illustrators who have been highly recommended by our customers over the years.

Types of Editing

Professional editors provide many different services. While all authors can benefit from editing, try to determine exactly what type of editing you are looking for. Keep in mind that every editor’s services will differ slightly, so make sure you and your editor are in agreement on the work that will be done.

  Copy Editing

Copy Editing is the simplest level of editing. A copy editor will check for punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, spelling, and typographical errors, addressing the flaws at the sentence level, while also ensuring that the writing itself coincides with industry standards. Copy edits are often formatted as recommendations, allowing you to pick and choose your changes.

  Developmental Editing

Developmental Editing will hone the storytelling aspect of your work. Both fiction and nonfiction works require a narrative structure that encourages the reader to continue reading. For story driven projects, your editor will provide feedback on plot, character, theme and symbolism. Nonfiction books may need work with chapter or section organization and clarity.

  Line Editing

Line Editing, while similar to Developmental Editing, is more focused on editing content at a paragraph level. An editor providing this service will help you develop your voice by focusing on the creative content within your writing. This process will explore word choice, paragraph structure, flow of narrative, language style, and readability.

  Research Editing

Research Editing can be helpful for nonfiction works, as well as historical fiction. The Research Editor will check for inaccuracies or inconsistencies in your writing, ensuring that your content is backed by credible sources. The editor can also provide citation verification and check for proper citation structure and plagiarism.

Editing & Illustration Services

Last Updated: January 2019

Barbara Fandrich

Olympia, WA


Barbara Fandrich has edited hundreds of manuscripts of every genre. When editing your manuscript she will do whatever is needed and agreed upon in advance, from light proofreading to a complete overhaul. Her charge is $40 per hour, and a free quote is available on request with a sample chapter.



Chad Thompson

Chad Thompson Illustration
Orlando, FL


Chad Thompson is an illustrator with 20+ years experience in the children's book market. Upon graduating from Columbus College of Art & Design, he was hired to work as an animator with Walt Disney Feature Animation in Orlando,Florida. For the several years, he worked on animated movies such as Mulan, Lilo & Stitch, Tarzan and Brother Bear. Chad currently works as an illustrator and designer for a wide variety of publishing clients. He continues to work in animation for smaller studios in Orlando.



Christina Dudley

BellaVita Press
Bellevue, WA


Christina is the award-winning author of six novels and one children's picture book. A graduate in English Literature from UC Berkeley, with an M.A. from Stanford University, she has a passion for helping organizations and individuals get their stories out. As an editor, instructor, and creative consultant, she works on-site or remotely with clients.



Deanna Partlow

WordCraft, LLC
Olympia, WA


Deanna Partlow's 30 years of experience spans the written communication field. An avid family historian with certificates from the University of Washington, she especially enjoys helping writers with family histories and projects. She says of her editing philosophy, "My goal is to preserve the writer's voice and style while being the reader's best friend. I love helping an author communicate more clearly and effectively with readers."



Joanna Kaufman

Joanna Kaufman Illustrations
Portland, OR


Joanna Kaufman is an illustrator and book artist living in the Pacific Northwest. She works to bring joy and wonder through her paintings and illustrations. Joanna is deeply interested in the capacity of the literary and visual arts to open and explore new pathways of communicating and being. She has an appreciation for the details that bring quality and spark to the process and outcome of each project.



Judith Jones

Pilgrim Spirit
Tacoma, WA


Judith has spent more than 30 years working in every aspect of professional communications. Judith loves working directly with authors to help them polish their work and bring their books into the world. She believes that every author has unique strengths and unique needs, so her goal is always to be flexible and find the best way of working for that particular author.



Karen Upson

Girl Friday Productions
Seattle, WA


Since 2006, Girl Friday has been creating books that build brands for entrepreneurs. Major traditional publishers and indie publishers alike seek out Girl Friday for high-quality comprehensive book production and strategic marketing programs that yield gorgeous author brands and strong platforms. They work on all genres, including business, memoir, self-help, fiction, children’s, cookbooks, and general nonfiction.



Kari Filburn

Line By Line Copyediting
Vancouver, WA


Kari has been a freelance editor since 2007. She started with a book publisher specializing in memoirs and discovered her passion for helping authors tell their stories. She shepherds her client’s work from rough draft to final form, perfect for publishing. She holds a copyediting certificate through the University of California San Diego and is a member of the Northwest Editors Guild. She regularly attends courses and conferences to stay current on editing trends.



Melanie Saxton

Melanie Saxton Media
Houston, TX


Melanie is an award-winning journalist, magazine editor, former English teacher, book editor and ghostwriter with 30+ years of experience. She specializes in fiction and nonfiction projects including novels, biographies, memoirs, children’s books, sci-fi, fantasy, thrillers and faith-based manuscripts. She especially enjoys working with first-time and emerging authors who need line and developmental editing. Melanie has edited hundreds of full-length manuscripts, e-books, and articles over the years.



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