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Use this tool to send files after you have placed a 50% deposit for your print order.

PDFs are reviewed 1-2 business days after submission. If you are a design client, our designers will review your materials and contact you within 3-4 business days to discuss your book's design.

Before submitting, review our checklists to make sure your cover and interior files meet the requirements:

Once your files have been reviewed, look for an email from Gorham Printing with information about next steps for your print order.

How Should I Save My Files for Print?

PDF Clients

Cover and interior files must be submitted as PDFs. Formatting your document as a PDF locks your layout into place, ensuring that your content is printed as exactly as you want it to be. We do not accept MS Word documents or other native files in lieu of PDFs. Printing from a Word file may alter your document's layout and lead to missing fonts, text reflow or broken image links.

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Design Clients

Manuscripts should be saved in a single document as a DOC or RTF file. DOC is the default format of Microsoft Word. Most text editors, including Pages and Google Docs, also allow you to "Save As" documents as DOC files.

Images should be saved as JPG, TIF or PNG files. Logos and other vector graphics should be saved as EPS or PDF files. Images should be saved at 300 Dots Per Inch (DPI) for optimal quality. We recommend providing original scans of your photographs. You may also purchase high-quality files from a stock photo company, such as Shutterstock.

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