Professional Book Design Examples

We're told not to judge a book by its cover, but at Gorham Printing, we say go ahead. Your book's cover design plays an important role by signaling your book's content and tone. Additionally, your book's interior features, like font, spacing, and margins, can make a huge difference in how your book is perceived.

With over forty years in experience, our team of professional book designers can give your book the competitive edge it needs to stand out. We've designed award-winning books from all genres, including fiction, religious, self-help, memoirs, and more. See examples of our professionally design books and learn more about our book design services.

Book Cover Design Portfolio

See examples of our award-winning book cover designs. Sort by genre, including fiction, nonfiction, memoir, religious, and history.

Book Interior Design Portfolio

We transform your manuscript with a professional text layout. We handle fonts, margins, and more in either B/W and full color.