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For the Good of the Order
The Braget Farm and Land Use in the Nisqually Valley
$29.95 - Softcover, 346 pages
by Timothy W Ransom, Ph.D.
For the Good of the Order is a story of the social, political, and economic forces at play in the struggle over land use in western Washington S. . . (read more)
Clara Did the Work
The Diaries of Mary Ann Porter Harrington
$35.00 - Softcover, 464 pages
by Courtney A. Clements
In nine diaries written between 1872 and 1891, Mary Ann Porter Harrington provided a detailed look at daily life on her central Massachusetts fa. . . (read more)
አንዳንዴ ከሳሚ ጋር እና ሌሎችም

$18.88 - Softcover, 315 pages
by Mengistu M
A novel written in Amharic language. Based on Ethiopians’ culture, tradition, and psychology
Begin Again
41 Stories by Paul Lowance Niebanck
$16.95 - Softcover, 302 pages
by Paul Niebanck

It's a long and a dusty road, it's a hot and a heavy load
And the folks that I meet ain't always kind
Some are bad, some are . . . (read more)
A Man Inspired by God
The Art, Music & Ministry of Elder Anderson Johnson
$29.95 - Softcover, 157 pages
by Yvonne Johnson Carter & Vernon L. Carter Jr.
What happens to a little boy who is struck by lightning and knocked unconscious when he is just eight years old? Young Anderson Johnson immediat. . . (read more)
Puget Sound's Tom Sawyer
$18.95 - Softcover, 246 pages
by David Arthur Nelson & J. Michael Moyer
These are the memoir stories of David Nelson. David, born at Bremerton in 1936, spent most of his life in the Puget Sound communities of Port Or. . . (read more)
Providence White Caps
The Diary of Bernice Lorang, RN
$24.99 - Softcover, 290 pages
by Judith Jacobs Litchfield
Every journey starts with a dream. It was a thankful spark that began young Bernice Lorang on a path toward becoming a Registered Nurse. Happily. . . (read more)
The String Lady & Pete

$30.00 - Softcover, 660 pages
by Bob McCarthy
SEASONAL SALE Before Twitter, before Yahoo, before Facebook, humans talked wrote letters, a. . . (read more)

$17.95 - Softcover, 296 pages
by Bruce Angus
Starting in the ‘50s, this light-hearted memoir tracks a young Canadian’s trials and transitions through young adulthood. When family colla. . . (read more)
My Prayer Journal

$16.97 - Spiral Bound, 84 pages
by Sonia Jackson
'My Prayer Journal' contains 33 powerful, supportive prayers for daily gratitude and contemplation and for moments in life when you want to be r. . . (read more)
Bishop Theatre
Harry Holland's Dream
$20.00 - Softcover, 94 pages
by Katie Bird
Ventriloquist, musician, and life-long entertainer Harry Holland first fell in love with California’s Eastern Sierra communities in the early. . . (read more)
Petting Tigers
My Life as a Witness of Jehovah
$17.00 - Softcover, 354 pages
by Shelley Smith Jones
Petting Tigers is a story of what happens when a young girl is robbed of her childhood after a parent becomes one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, a cu. . . (read more)
Always Gardenia (Softcover Ed.)

$16.00 - Softcover, 234 pages
by Betsy Hanson
Two years after the death of her beloved husband, Torre, fifty-six-year-old Gardenia Pitkin is adjusting to life as a widow. She’s lonely and . . . (read more)
Always Gardenia (Hardcover Ed.)

$25.00 - Hardcover, 231 pages
by Betsy Hanson
Two years after the death of her beloved husband, Torre, fifty-six-year-old Gardenia Pitkin is adjusting to life as a widow. She’s lonely and . . . (read more)
An American Picture Bride

$19.95 - Softcover, 180 pages
by Toy Kay
This is the story of how Toy coped with living in two cultures. She was born in Butte, Montana in 1924, yet her upbringing was solely aligned wi. . . (read more)
None Were Lost
The Prinsendam Fire and Rescue
$39.95 - Hardcover, 440 pages
by Stephen J. Corcoran
This is the history of the rescue of the 519 passengers and crew from the burning cruise ship Prinsendam in the Gulf of Alaska on October 4, 198. . . (read more)
Chase the Spider
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$10.95 - Perfect Bound, 32 pages
by Robin Layne
This story is about a spider named Chase who, by the help of a new friend, overcame many fears that kept him from being what he was made for. . . . (read more)
Who Am I

$21.95 - Hardcover, Printed and Laminated, 98 pages
by Lloyd Armogan
This fundamental question: — Who Am I? — has occupied the minds of generations of Humans from supposedly the beginning of Human Existence as. . . (read more)
Our Wings
Memoir of a Reno Crash Survivor
$13.40 - Softcover, 266 pages
by Doug Clough
I am a pilot. At age 63, my world is rocked when my two closest friends, ex-fighter pilots, sell their planes. What? Why? We’d flown together . . . (read more)
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