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Random Ramblings of an Old Geezer (Softcover, 268 pages)
Memories of the Good Old Days
Author: Raymond Evans

This book of short stories is about a lifetime compressed into a few pages. Being a compilation of short stories the will be most enjoyed by reading one, two, or perhaps three at a time, much like th ...(more)
In Heaven! (Softcover, 260 pages)
Experiencing The Throne Of God
Author: Dean Braxton

When I first arrived in heaven and knelt before Jesus, all I could do was say, “YOU DID THIS FOR ME?!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU AND THANK YOU!! ” I could have said th ...(more)
The Fateful Fourth (Softcover, 400 pages)
The Story of America's Worst Trolley Disaster
Author: Russell Holter

This book will look at the socio-economic conditions which led to the City of Tacoma hosting a grand Independence Day celebration at the dawning of the 20th Century. The special events planned dur ...(more)
Saving Daisy (Softcover, 228 pages)
A Collection of Short Stories
Author: Rob Barbee

In this collection of stories, Rob Barbee has created a coterie of memorable characters: good people whose ill-timed choices lead to volatile situations. In the title story, a young woman is jilted b ...(more)
To Get Beyond (Softcover, 328 pages)
Stellar Revelations On One of the Wildest Walks in the World
Author: David Richards

This novel is based on one of the little known wonders of the world, the Pacific Crest Trail. Rick Trogstad sets out in the summer of 2003 to hike this high route from Mexico to Canada. He is soon ...(more)
Detour to Tumortown (Softcover, 90 pages)
Dispatches from an American’s Middle East Medical Crisis
Author: Rob Barbee

This memoir details Rob Barbee’s sudden, surreal transformation from tourist to patient, eight thousand miles from home. Rob and his wife, Kathy, both seasoned travelers, are just two days into a m ...(more)