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Always Gardenia

$25.00 - Hardcover, 231 pages
by Betsy Hanson
Two years after the death of her beloved husband, Torre, fifty-six-year-old Gardenia Pitkin is adjusting to life as a widow. She’s lonely and . . . (read more)
An American Picture Bride

$19.95 - Softcover, 180 pages
by Toy Kay with Janine Gates
An American Picture Bride is the story of Toy Kay, 93, of Olympia. Born in Butte, Montana, she was raised as a daughter of the late 1800s Qing D. . . (read more)
None Were Lost
The Prinsendam Fire and Rescue
$39.95 - Hardcover, 440 pages
by Stephen Corcoran
This is the history of the rescue of the 519 passengers and crew from the burning cruise ship Prinsendam in the Gulf of Alaska on October 4, 198. . . (read more)
Chase the Spider
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$10.95 - Perfect Bound, 32 pages
by Robin Layne
This story is about a spider named Chase who by the help of a new friend overcame many fears that kept him from being what he was made for. S. . . (read more)
Who Am I

$21.95 - Hardcover, Printed and Laminated, 98 pages
by Lloyd Armogan
This fundamental question: — Who Am I? — has occupied the minds of generations of Humans from supposedly the beginning of Human Existence as. . . (read more)
Our Wings
Memoir of a Reno Crash Survivor
$13.40 - Softcover, 266 pages
by Doug Clough
I am a pilot. At age 63, my world is rocked when my two closest friends, ex-fighter pilots, sell their planes. What? Why? We’d flown together . . . (read more)
Detour to Tumortown
Dispatches from an American’s Middle East Medical Crisis
$9.00 - Softcover, 90 pages
by Rob Barbee
This memoir details Rob Barbee’s sudden, surreal transformation from tourist to patient, eight thousand miles from home. Rob and his wife, Kat. . . (read more)
To Get Beyond
Stellar Revelations On One of the Wildest Walks in the World
$19.99 - Softcover, 328 pages
by David Richards
This novel is based on one of the little known wonders of the world, the Pacific Crest Trail. Rick Trogstad sets out in the summer of 2003 to . . . (read more)
Saving Daisy
A Collection of Short Stories
$12.95 - Softcover, 228 pages
by Rob Barbee
In this collection of stories, Rob Barbee has created a coterie of memorable characters: good people whose ill-timed choices lead to volatile si. . . (read more)
The Fateful Fourth
The Story of America's Worst Trolley Disaster
$29.95 - Softcover, 400 pages
by Russell Holter
This book will look at the socio-economic conditions which led to the City of Tacoma hosting a grand Independence Day celebration at the dawni. . . (read more)
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