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A Mixed Bag Vol 1
of Short and Short-Short Stories
$10.00 - Softcover, 206 pages
by Charles Walker
Charles Walker was a guy who just loved to write. Some of my best childhood memories are of him working late into the night, Jazz or Big Band pl. . . (read more)
Shades Of Night

$15.00 - Softcover, 314 pages
by Charles Walker
When I was a kid, I remember my Dad at his desk in the converted-garage that was his Den, banging away on that old and well-used manual typewrit. . . (read more)
Haiku and High Timber
Poems for the Northwestern Heart
$15.00 - Softcover, 102 pages
by Charles Walker
All my life, Dad was always writing something, often for work, but mostly for his own pleasure. He only ever actually Published one book, this o. . . (read more)
Instrumental Passion
Inspiring Words By The Music Makers In My Life
$29.95 - Printed Hardcover, 164 pages
by Carolyn Zeytoonian
Are you an aspiring or experienced music-maker looking for some extra inspiration on your musical journey? If yes, then you’ve come to the rig. . . (read more)
In Death's Shadow

$24.95 - Softcover, 152 pages
by David M. Branham & Robert C. Leschorn
Follow the author on a roller-coaster ride story of the life of Retired Deputy U.S. Marshal Robert Leschorn who served a distinguished 28-year c. . . (read more)
I Kiss the Sun

$13.00 - Softcover, 32 pages
by Jeanne Griener
Illustrator: Janice Hawkins Using engaging and predictable text, this book describes the delight God has in creat. . . (read more)
Disappeared For Good
Finding God’s Goodness in the Midst of Trauma
$13.00 - Softcover, 122 pages
by Jeanne Griener
Also available on audio format on (read more)
Spiritual Reflections

$10.00 - Softcover, 104 pages
by Charles Walker
''Most people in town consider me to be an odd one, something of a nut, perhaps, the guy with the funny hat, at least. That I am unconventional . . . (read more)
Notorious Women of the Wild West

$19.95 - Softcover, 178 pages
by Carole Nielson
In an era when women had few rights, some courageous and independent-thinking females ignored social norms and set out to create a better life f. . . (read more)
Growing up in Brooklyn Long Ago

$8.00 - Softcover, 112 pages
by Claudia Milazzo Hutchison
This memoir portrays a cohesive family’s everyday life in the Bay Ridge Neighborhood of Brooklyn in the 1950’s and early 60’s. It consists. . . (read more)
Lake City

$19.59 - Softcover, 210 pages
by Aaron Thomas
The world’s in a tangle. As proto-fascist politics percolate, the ducks are wigging out. Come and meet Laurel, Norman, Dwight, Passey and . . . (read more)
Constant Chaos
The Daily Battle to Protect the Environment
$30.00 - Softcover, 456 pages
by Ron Holcomb
''Constant Chaos'' explodes the myth of the pencil-pushing government worker. Spill responders are on call for all o. . . (read more)
High Seas Cuttermen
U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Boutwell (WHEC-719)
$19.99 - Softcover, 126 pages
by Stanley A. Jaceks
The high seas rescue that saved the lives of 519 passengers and crew aboard the ill-fated and burning Dutch Cruise Ship PRINSENDAM in the frigid. . . (read more)
In God's Arms
The Inspiring Reflections & Spiritual Guidance of Father Armand Nigro, S.J.
$14.00 (Suggested Donation) - Softcover, 92 pages
made available by The Ministry Institute at Gonzaga University & The Friends of Father Armand Nigro, S.J.
''In God's Arms,'' this book's title, expresses the assurance of God's initiating and all-embracing love, which invites us to a deeper personal relationship with Him.. . . (read more)
Stress in the Life of a Child of God
A Guideline for Solving and Coping with Your Stress Situations
$20.00 - Softcover, 108 pages
by Gloria Jean Thompson
''Stress in the Life of a Child of God'' is a new book release that educates and informs the Christian Believer and Non-Believer of the dangerou. . . (read more)
You're Gonna Die
My Journey to Survive
$19.95 - Softcover, 114 pages
by Jesse and Beverly Campbell
A story of a seemingly healthy and vital individual who is suddenly told he has stage 4 bladder cancer with the likelihood that his life might e. . . (read more)
For the Good of the Order
The Braget Farm and Land Use in the Nisqually Valley
$35.00 - Softcover, 346 pages
by Timothy W Ransom, Ph.D.
For the Good of the Order is a story of the social, political, and economic forces at play in the struggle over land use in western Washington S. . . (read more)
A Man Inspired by God
The Art, Music & Ministry of Elder Anderson Johnson
$29.95 - Softcover, 157 pages
by Yvonne Johnson Carter & Vernon L. Carter Jr.
What happens to a little boy who is struck by lightning and knocked unconscious when he is just eight years old? Young Anderson Johnson immediat. . . (read more)
Puget Sound's Tom Sawyer
$18.95 - Softcover, 246 pages
by David Arthur Nelson & J. Michael Moyer
These are the memoir stories of David Nelson. David, born at Bremerton in 1936, spent most of his life in the Puget Sound communities of Port Or. . . (read more)
None Were Lost
The Prinsendam Fire and Rescue
$39.95 - Hardcover, 440 pages
by Stephen J. Corcoran
This is the history of the rescue of the 519 passengers and crew from the burning cruise ship Prinsendam in the Gulf of Alaska on October 4, 198. . . (read more)
Who Am I

$21.95 - Hardcover, Printed and Laminated, 98 pages
by Lloyd Armogan
This fundamental question: — Who Am I? — has occupied the minds of generations of Humans from supposedly the beginning of Human Existence as. . . (read more)
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