Disappeared For Good

Finding God’s Goodness in the Midst of Trauma

Softcover, 122 pages, 3rd printing, 2023

by Jeanne Griener

Also available on audio format on Spotify, etc.

My beloved big brother, Richard, had vanished without a trace. There was not one solid clue for my parents or the police to investigate. How did life go on after a loved one goes missing? As an 11-year-old, I was grieved and confused. Was Richard someone's captive? Was he being hurt? Would the police advocate for Richard? Who could I trust? Who would help? What was now a normal day? How did we go on as a family? Life became insane.

So began an endless cycle of searches, ransom calls, and police investigations. Unanswered questions swirled with dashed hopes to make a slurry of heartache. I blocked out the trauma. The ever-present need for closure left me anxious and angry. I was angry with the police, my parents, myself, and even God. My faith in Jesus, fragile as a snowflake, had melted.

Did God overlook evil? Did I have to forgive? Who received Mercy? And what about Justice? As I matured, my yearning for those answers actually led me to find Jesus as Lord. Together we traversed these faith-crushing questions to glean true faith. Despite years of living in the traumatic chaos of an unsolved crime against my family, I found answers in Jesus. I hope my journey of faith will inspire you to find God's Goodness. His Love never fails.



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Reviews of Disappeared For Good

A mesmerizing, edge-of-the-seat read…with a beautiful message.

— B.J. Taylor, Award-winning author and contributor of Chicken Soup for the Soul, 2023-08-29

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Softcover: 122 pages

Publisher: Red Tulip Media, LLC (2023-10-01)

Language: English

ISBN: 979-8-9854786-0-0

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Jeanne Griener photoAbout the Author

Now retired, Jeanne used her Masters in Reading Education to teach preschoolers how to read and write and sing and play and dance and have all sorts of fun! She also enjoyed teaching junior and senior high school writing classes. Today she is on a team of compassionate and caring ministers who offer hope in Jesus’ Name for those suffering trauma and pain. She also enjoys tending to her flower gardens, where she still grows red tulips, her first flower. She may be reached at redtulipmedia.llc@gmail.com.

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