Up Behind

Softcover, 200 pages, includes 13 photographs, 1st printing, 2019

by Stanley A. Jaceks, SCPO U. S. Coast Guard (Ret.)

The true story of the high seas rescue that saved the lives of 519 passengers and crew aboard the ill-fated and burning Dutch Cruise Ship PRINSENDAM in the frigid waters of the Gulf of Alaska during 4 - 5 October 1980. This rescue was led by Captain Leroy G. Krumm, USCG aboard the U. S. Coast Guard Cutter BOUTWELL (WHEC-719) who was designated the On Scene Commander. Captain Krumm directed this coordinated rescue operation that included other U. S. Coast Guard units, U. S. Air Force, Canadian Coast Guard, Merchant Marines, and Alaskan First Responders in what historians recognize as...''The Greatest High Seas Rescue in U. S. Coast Guard History''.

''Up Behind'' begins with an introduction titled, ''The Miracle Rescue At Sea'' which gives a synopsis of the rescue. It is not a novel but rather an unedited collection of past newsletters written by the author, reunion programs, photos, and quotes given by members of the Prinsendam Rescue Association who participated in this epic rescue saga.

It contains a bit of scuttlebutt, humor, a few things little known to the public, and was written by a Cutterman in the language of a Cutterman at that time. Accordingly, it's my privilege to invite all those readers who respect the traditions of the sea and long for adventure to come aboard as we are about to get underway...sea diapers will be provided at no cost.



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Sold by: Stanley A. Jaceks, Senior Chief Petty Officer, USCG (Ret.)


Reviews of Up Behind

Your book really gives testimony in how much you have brought this band of brothers and sisters together over so many years!

— AT2 Anthony ''Toby'' Dombrowski, USCG, OR, 2019-10-18

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Softcover: 200 pages

Publisher: Stanley A. Jaceks (2019-10-01)

Language: English

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Stanley Jaceks, SCPO U. S. Coast Guard (Ret.) photoAbout the Author

Senior Chief Stanley A. Jaceks, USCG (Retired) was the Chief Yeoman aboard the Cutter BOUTWELL (WHEC-719) during the rescue operation. He enlisted in the U. S. Coast Guard on 22 January 1968 in Yakima, Washington and subsequently retired from active duty on 1 July 1988. His seagoing assignments include duty aboard the Cutters BERING STRAIT (WHEC-382), MUNRO (WHEC-724), and BOUTWELL (WHEC-719).

Stanley has been berthing alongside his wife ''Rose'' for the last 54 years and they currently reside in Leavenworth, Washington. They have three children...Jennifer, Eddie, Emily, and four grandchildren...Nicolette, Blake, Bridgette, and Betty Grace. Following his service in the U. S. Coast Guard, Stanley went on to become a Letter Carrier with the U. S. Postal Service in Wenatchee, Washington retiring on 29 February 2008.

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