Haiku and High Timber

Poems for the Northwestern Heart

Softcover, 102 pages, 1st printing, 2024

by Charles Walker

All my life, Dad was always writing something, often for work, but mostly for his own pleasure. He only ever actually Published one book, this one, his first volume of Haiku poetry, and he was already in his ninth decade when he did that.

As he writes in his Introduction ''...I've enjoyed haiku versifying for most of my adult life, but it was only in 2009 that a psychologist friend, Dr. Ellen Mink, suggested that I try to get some of the verses published...

''...The result is a book that I sincerely hope will enable you to enjoy the challenge and the beauty of this kind of poetic expression. For me, the use of eastern poetry has been one of the many ways of expressing my western faith, as well.''

When he passed from cancer-related illness in 2021, I thought it would be nice to re-publish this collection, donating a percentage of his book sales to continue supporting his favorite cancer-relief charities.

Thank You
Robert Walker
Newport, TN



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Softcover: 102 pages

Publisher: Robert Walker (2024-03-04)

Language: English

ISBN: 979-8-9899151-0-1

Product Dimensions: 6.00 x 9.00 inches

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Charles Walker photoAbout the Author

Charles grew up on some of the biggest construction projects of the times, starting school with Boulder, now called Hoover, Dam, through Bonneville and Grand Coulee dams in the Northwest, graduating in Portland, near the Oregon Shipyards.

After Army Service in Post-War Japan, he had four careers during his working years; construction worker, safety consultant, counselor to the developmentally disabled and ordained chaplain, while also finding time to earn both Bachelor's and Master's degrees.

Charles had a lifelong interest in writing, publishing short articles throughout his adult life, but it was not until age 82 that his first book was published. He has since added several more, including another volume of Haiku poetry, a collection of short stories, and novels based upon incidents from his long life.

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