Notorious Women of the Wild West

Softcover, 178 pages, 2nd printing, 2023

by Carole Nielson

In an era when women had few rights, some courageous and independent-thinking females ignored social norms and set out to create a better life for themselves. This non-fiction book profiles fourteen ladies who dared to buck the system. Following are a few whose stories are included in the thirteen chapters.

Charlotte Parkhurst (often called 'Cockeyed Charley') disguised herself as a man, learned to expertly handle a six-horse team and became one of the best and most respected stagecoach drivers in the West. Because of her bravery during the Mexican War, Sarah Bowman was awarded the title of Honorary Colonel and buried with full military honors a century before women were allowed to join the armed forces. Lucille Mulhall proved in rodeo after rodeo that she could rope and ride better than her male competitors and went on to win the Roping Championship of the World in Madison Square Garden. 'Cattle Annie' and 'Little Britches' were teenagers when they started stealing horses, selling bootleg whiskey and riding with the Doolin-Dalton Gang across Indian and Oklahoma Territories. Ellen Liddy Watson (better known as 'Cattle Kate') was the only woman ever lynched in the 'Old West' for cattle rustling. Mary Fields, a whiskey-drinking, cigar-smoking, gun-toting Black woman, delivered mail in the wilds of Montana fending off wolf packs and would-be bandits.

Hopefully, readers will find the stories of these Westerners engrossing and even spell-binding.



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Reviews of Notorious Women of the Wild West

'Notorious Women of the Wild West' should have something new to offer any reader.

— Jon Guttman, Wild West Magazine, 2022-09-01

Women of the wild west deserve equal time, especially the 'notorious' ones. Carole Nielson, who has given us some memorable 'Tales of the Oregon Country,' now expands her horizons to the entire western frontier for an insightful look at some of the notable westerners who wore skirts and dresses.

— Greg LaLire, Editor of Wild Weest Magazine, 2022-09-01

I've been reading your wonderful book, 'Notorious Women of the Wild West.' You captured the excitement of the interesting, independent women of the era.

— Myke, 2023-05-01

I like your writing style. I will buy every book you write.

— David, 2023-05-01

Carole did an excellent job of re-creating what life was truly like during that time period. It was definitely a man's world, and these women rose to the occasion defying all odds. I felt as though I was right there in the midst of it all. Loved this read and highly recommend it!

— Mistie, 2023-05-01

Your book is easy reading. Can't wait for your other 2 books. Keep me in your email list and let me know when you publish another book

— Mike, 2023-05-01

Carole's unique and well-researched point of view imparts a vivid and lively portrayal of her characters and events. An enjoyable and engaging read

— Dorothy, 2023-05-01

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Softcover: 178 pages

Publisher: Daniel Nielson (2023-04-01)

Language: English

ISBN: 978-0-578-97580-1

Product Dimensions: 6.00 x 9.00 inches

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Carole Nielson photoAbout the Author

Although born in Oklahoma, Carole has lived most pf her life in southern Oregon, with the exception of three years spent in France where she worked for NATO, the US Air Force and the US Army. She acquired a passionate interest in history, especially history of the 'Old West', from her parents.

Carole has written three non-fiction books – Tales of the Oregon Country (2019), Five Bucks for a Quarter (2019), and Notorious Women of the Wild West (2021).

Besides a happy marriage and a blended family, Carole and husband, Dan, share some unique partnerships. They are a musical duo, Dan on guitar and Carole on keyboard, entertaining in restaurants, retirement facilities and senior centers. Dan has been the photographer for many of the 250-plus magazine articles Carole has written. They also give talks and presentations at libraries, schools and retirement centers on travel and history.

Enthusiastic travelers, Carole and Dan have explored all 50 states and 36 countries together.

Now in her eighties, Carole has no intentions of slowing down. She hopes to keep writing, playing music, giving talks and traveling with Dan.

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