A Mixed Bag Vol 1

of Short and Short-Short Stories

Softcover, 206 pages, 1st printing, 2017

by Charles Walker

Charles Walker was a guy who just loved to write. Some of my best childhood memories are of him working late into the night, Jazz or Big Band playing on that big stereo console, banging away on that manual typewriter [you had to be forceful on those now-ancient machines] with his patented two-finger typing.

As he says in the Introduction to this collection, ''Everyone has a story. Some are natural storytellers. Others of us seem driven to put our every thought on paper; maybe as a wild grab for immortality of some kind. What follows are stories, essays and miscellaneous thoughts that have spilled from my mind/imagination over the years.''

Dad was always writing something, mostly for his own pleasure, but he only ever actually Published one book, a volume of his Haiku poetry, and he was already into his ninth decade when he did that. When he passed from cancer-related illness in 2021, at the ripe old age of 93, I thought it would be nice to share some of his work, donating a percentage of his book sales to continue supporting his favorite cancer-relief charities. I hope you enjoy this collection of his shorter stories, some of which are, at least loosely, based upon some of his own experiences.

Thank You
Robert Walker
Newport, TN



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Softcover: 206 pages

Publisher: Robert Walker (2017-03-23)

Language: English

ISBN: 979-8-9868815-8-4

Product Dimensions: 5.50 x 8.50 inches

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Charles Walker photoAbout the Author

Charles Walker grew up and went to school while on some of the biggest construction projects of his times, because his father worked for Mr Henry Kaiser, Industrialist and one of the founders of the famous ''Six Companies'' construction consortium that built Boulder, now called Hoover, Dam in the American Southwest, through Bonneville and Grand Coulee dams in the Pacific Northwest, and he graduated high school in Portland, near the Oregon Shipyards, before joining the Army to serve his tour in Post-War Japan.

He had four primary careers in his life, including construction worker, safety consultant, counselor to the developmentally disabled and ordained chaplain, while also finding time to earn both Bachelor's and Master's degrees.

Dad had a life filled by a wide range of experiences and interests, but his lifelong passion was writing, whether the technical writing for his day job, or writing for his own pleasure while trying out different styles and subjects. He produced a few short articles throughout his professional life, but it was not until his early 80s that he published his first book, a volume of his own Haiku poetry. For him, it was more about the joy he got from the writing, although sometimes he printed a few volumes for the fun of it to give to friends and family. He completed several more stories across a variety of genres, including another volume of Haiku, a collection of short stories, and a few novels based upon incidents from his long life.

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