Spiritual Reflections

Softcover, 104 pages, 3rd printing, 2019

by Charles Walker

''Most people in town consider me to be an odd one, something of a nut, perhaps, the guy with the funny hat, at least. That I am unconventional is obvious, but I am far from mentally unstable. Though I Have two college degrees, credentials issued by the world, I am often more intuitive than most and have a spirituality that is hard to define. I call myself a Buddhist Methodist. My name is Charles W.''

So begins the first book in a series of explorations of the nature and practice of Faith, the Human Condition, and one man’s journey through Spiritual growth, told through the model of a dialog between the man that Is, and the man that Can Be, in a style reminiscent at times of the Classic dialogues of Plato.

Charles W. represents the average Joe, while Charles of Carmel is the newly enlightened character who sees a different world from a much more positive standpoint. Through these dialogs, Charles invites us to ''...come along and enjoy the excitement of knowing just how powerfully we may live if we so choose.''



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Softcover: 104 pages

Publisher: Robert Walker (2019-05-23)

Language: English

ISBN: 979-8-9868815-0-8

Product Dimensions: 5.50 x 8.50 inches

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Charles Walker photoAbout the Author

Charles Walker had four primary careers during his working years; construction worker, safety consultant, counselor to the developmentally disabled and ordained chaplain. He also found the time to earn both Bachelor's and Master's degrees.

My Dad also had a lifelong interest in writing, whether the technical writing for his day job, or writing for his own pleasure while trying out different styles and subjects. He produced a few short articles throughout his professional life, but he was 82 years old when he first published a book, a volume of his own Haiku Poetry. He kept writing, sometimes printing a few volumes for the fun of it to give to friends and family, but for him it was the writing more than the publishing as he completed several more stories across a variety of genres, including another volume of Haiku, a collection of short stories, and a few novels based upon incidents from his long life.

Spiritual Reflections is his most personal story, with another volume in work when he passed from cancer-related illness in 2021, at the ripe old age of 93. I wanted to share his journey with others who may find something of themselves here, reprinting his books and donating a percentage of sales to continue supporting his favorite cancer-relief charities.

Thank You
Robert Walker
Newport, TN

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