Setting Up Your PayPal Business Account

How to Create a PayPal Business Account

A PayPal Business Account is required to sell your books through your Booksite. PayPal will alert you when you make a sale and send you the buyer's address for shipping. PayPal will also function as a virtual bank account by storing the money from your sales. Money can be moved at any time into a Personal Account by linking your bank to PayPal.

Step 1: Visit

On the PayPal homepage, you will see two links in the top right corner. If this is your first PayPal account, click the 'Sign Up' button. If you have a Personal Account that you would like to convert into a PayPal Business Account, skip a few steps down to our 'How to Convert a Personal PayPal Account' section.

sign up for paypal

Step 2: Select 'Business Account'

The first question that you will be asked is which kind of account you would like to create. Make sure the buttion next to 'Business Account' is checked and click 'Next.'

paypal business account

Step 3: Fill Our Your Business Information

The next page will ask you information about your business. If this is a one-person business, you can use your personal name and address when asked for this information.

paypal business information

How to Convert a Personal PayPal Account

If you already have a personal PayPal account, you can convert your account into a Business account. Unlike Personal Accounts, Business Accounts can accept credit and debit card transactions.

Step 1: Go to Your PayPal Settings

After logging into your Personal Account. find and click the settings icon in the top right corner of your account homepage.

paypal settings

Step 2: Upgrade Your PayPal Account

In the lower left corner of your account homepage, there will be a link to 'Upgrade to a Business account.' Click this link and follow the prompts to upgrade you account.

paypal upgrade account

How to Create a PayPal Button

Your PayPal button will be the main link between your Booksite and PayPal account. The button's settings will determine your book's sale price, shipping cost, tax rate and more. These settings are stored independently from your Sales Tools settings and must be updated from your Payal account.

Step 1: Find the PayPal Buttons page

From anywhere on the PayPal website, click on the 'Pay & Get Paid' menu link. A dropdown will appear. In the dropdown, find and click the 'PayPal Buttons' link.

paypal buttons

Step 2: Select the 'Buy Now' Button

The next page will show several types of buttons that you can create. For our purposes, find and click the rectangle containing the 'Buy Now' button.

paypal buy now

Step 3: Enter Your Button's Settings

Most of your button's settings can be left in their default state. Enter your book's title as your 'Item Name.' Enter your intended sale price in the 'Price' field. Click the 'Use specific amount' option under 'Shipping' and enter a shipping cost. This flat amount will be added onto your book's price for all elligible sales. More advanced shipping options, included the option to charge by state, are available under your PayPal account settings. If desired, enter a tax rate for your book.

Skip over 'Step 2' and click on the 'Step 3' bar. This will reveal more fields. Change 'Do you want to let your customers change order quantities?' to 'Yes.' Save your settings using the yellow button at the bottom of the page.

paypal button settings 1
paypal button settings 2

Step 4: Send Your Button's Code to Gorham Printing

Your Button has now been saved to your PayPal account. We will need the code on this page to implement your new button on your Booksite. Click anywhere in the box under the 'Website' tab to highlight the code. Copy and paste the code into an email and then send that email to with your name and subject line 'Booksite PayPal Code.'

paypal button code

How to Edit Your PayPal Button

If you ever need change your button's settings, such as to update your book's price, shipping cost, or tax rate, you can do so from your PayPal account.

Step 1: View Your Saved Buttons

From the PayPal button page (Step 2 of 'How to Create a PayPal Button'), find a click the 'View your saved buttons' link in the top right corner.

paypal edit button 1

Step 2: Edit Your Button using the Dropdown

This page will list all of the buttons saved on your account. There will likely be some default sample buttons. The button for your Booksite will be under the 'Item Name' that you gave it when you created the button. Click the 'Action' dropdown and then select 'Edit button.' This will take you to the same settings seen in Step 3 of 'How to Create a PayPal Button.' Your PayPal button will automatically be updated when you save your settings; you do not have to resend the code. However, if you change your button's sale price, update Gorham Printing at so that we can update your Booksite to reflect this new price.

paypal edit button 2
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