How to Get a PayPal Business Account

Step-by-step instructions

TIP: (Log in to your PayPal account and click the PayPal “chat” button for easy setup!)

After getting a PayPal Business Account, you will be able to receive a direct deposit for each book sale. Do not confuse this with a PayPal Personal account, they are two different things.

Step 1: Go here to start. Your screen will look like this. Type in the email you want to use with PayPal.

Step 2: If you have a PayPal Personal Account, Log In.

If you do not have a PayPal Personal Account, you will need to click Sign Up.

Step 3: Choose Business Account, click Next.

Step 4: Click the Select Standard button.

Step 5: Check the On Your Website box, and click the Continue button

Step 6: Click the left Continue button, to process all payments, including debit and credit cards through PayPal.

Step 7: Choose Option B and click the Create Payment button link.

Step 8: In the table, click to the arrow to the left of Sample Buy Now Button. This will dropdown a box to the right. Click on View Code

Step 9: This will give you the html code you need to give Gorham Printing. Copy everything in the box (Select everything with Ctrl+A, and then copy with Ctrl+C)

Step 10: Go back to the Gorham Printing Sales Tools Set-up page, and paste that code into the top field of the form (Paste using Ctrl+V).

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