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We Make Reprinting Your Books Easy

The record of all your books orders is saved in your Gorham Printing account. When you need to order a reprint of a past title, start by logging in to your account and find your order history under Past Orders. You can review and print the specifications of your past orders by clicking on the print symbol next to your title. To start the reprint, click the Reprint button next to any order.

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New Files: PDF or Design Change

Does your book need to be different from the last time we printed it? Our system allows you to tell us which components you want to change.

If you submitted a PDF for your original order, start by making changes to your new PDF file. Use our File Upload Tool to submit your revised PDF. After you’ve made your half-down deposit, we’ll send you a either a printed proof or digital proof, depending on your selection.

If Gorham Printing designed your original book and you need to make editorial changes, the best way to submit them is in a marked-up, page-tagged copy of your book. Our designers will make your changes at the standard hourly design rate. Once finished, we will generate new print file and send it to you for proofing.

How Does it Take to Reprint a Book?

Exact reprints often take less time than first runs because you can bypass proofing. The standard 5-10 business day production window begins the day after you place your order. Give us a call to discuss rush orders. We can work with you to accommodate most deadlines.

Are reprints less expensive than my first run?

In many cases, yes. New print orders include a $20 cover file review charge and a $20 interior file review charge. If you are placing an exact reprint, these charges are not included because we will use the exact files from your last printing. Reprints with changes, on the other hand, are subject to new file review and proofing costs.

Can I log in?

Not sure if you have an account with us? Send a message to and we can retrieve your password, or give us a call at 1-800-837-0970.

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