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Gorham Printing Celebrates Women’s History Month

Happy National Women’s History Month! To celebrate women and their contribution to history, culture and society, we wanted to give recognition to some of our favorite women authors and publishers that we have had the great pleasure of working with at Gorham Printing.

Red Letter Press and Helen Gilbert

Red Letter Press publishes books and pamphlets to inform and arm today’s activists with the ideas, experiences and history of radical and working class women and men, people of color and sexual minorities, and others in the global movement for social change.

high voltage women cover Gorham Printing

High Voltage Women: Breaking Barriers at Seattle City Light

A compelling account of pioneering electrical tradeswomen who put their bodies on the line to break into all-male, largely white electrical trades. By Ellie Belew.

the permanent revolution cover Gorham Printing

Permanent Revolution & Results and Prospects

Trotsky’s classic work on workers’ power, internationalism, social transformation and the transition to socialism. Includes new introduction, index, and glossary.

uplifting dreams cover Gorham Printing

Uplifting Dreams by Judy Glenney

WEIGHTLIFTING is something women aren’t supposed to do and they certainly don’t belong in the weight room.” The naysayers’ words kept clanging in her head. What were women supposed to do? Why couldn’t they lift weights? Grappling to find answers to these questions, Judy Glenney was torn between her passion of weightlifting and what others expected her to be…

“This remarkable woman is a humble human being and a credit to our sport who from day one never gave up her dream of the ladies being in the Olympic Games, on an equal footing with the men.”

– MURRAY LEVIN, Past President, Pan American Weightlifting Association

Clara did the work cover Gorham Printing

Clara Did the Work by Courtney Clements

In nine diaries written between 1872 and 1891, Mary Ann Porter Harrington provided a detailed look at daily life on her central Massachusetts farm…Throughout the diaries, Mary Ann described her daily chores, meals, errands, social calls, and correspondence. After the death of her husband in 1875, she devoted more of her time and attention to managing her farm and finances.


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