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National Read a Book Day, Saturday, Sept 6

Read a Book Day – Sep. 6

Not to be confused with World Book Day in March, or National Book Lovers Day in August, Read a Book Day is on September 6th and this year it falls on a Saturday. What better excuse two days from now to set aside time to indulge in a good book than Read a Book Day?

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If you don’t currently have a book in progress in your stack, why not visit the library, a local bookstore, or an online eBook seller to find something of interest? Or, go back and revisit an old favorite. Heard the book was better than the movie? Now is a great time to grab a copy and find out. Curl up on your couch, rocking chair or your bed, but if the weather is just right indulge by heading to the beach or a park!

The best research for being a writer is reading books. The more you read, the sharper your creative skills will be. Though unable to find the history of how this special day started, Wikipedia has nothing, Saturday, September 6 is your day for grabbing a book and enjoy!

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