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Do You Want An eBook?

We live in an age where each step brings us closer to fully embracing a digital world. This new world is convenient, almost everything we need can be found right at our fingertips. A digital copy of a book is called an eBook and has increasingly become popular over the past decade when it comes to reading.

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What exactly is an eBook though? What are the pros and cons of having a digital version of your book over a physical one? If you are a self-publisher, or author, interested in getting your book out in the world, you may be considering the digital world as well.

Here at Gorham Printing, we can provide you all of the information you need when it comes to this digital format and help you decide if eBooks are a good choice for you!

But What Are eBooks?

Short for electronic books, eBooks are books made available in digital form that allows you to read them on an electronic device like a computer, tablet, or phone. However, eBooks differ from other files that may be readable on your electronic device, like a word document or PDF, as eBooks are not editable and, in the majority, reflowable.

eBooks have their own special file format, like MOBI and EPUB, that allows the reader to adjust things like font size and spacing, while still maintaining the format of the book no matter the display size they are viewing from. This allows readers to have the best reading experience that suits them, whether they read on a 15” monitor or a 6” phone.

These eBook files can be listed on online stores, such as Amazon or Barnes & Noble, where readers are able to purchase and download the eBook file directly to their electronic device. You may also be able to list your eBook on your own personal website that readers can purchase from instead.

There are both pros and cons when it comes to electronic books and knowing them will help you decide if the digital version of your book works for you.

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The Pros of eBooks

There are differences between an eBook and a printed book that both have their respective place. Understanding these differences will be the deciding factor in choosing what version of your book you want to release out into the world.

Let’s start with the positives for eBooks:

They Can Be Sold at a Lower Price

Overall, converting your book into an eBook is cheaper than having your book printed. There is no cost of materials and production for eBooks unlike printed books. Additionally, there will always be a limit to how many customers can purchase a physical copy of your book, an eBook is limitless.

eBooks are Convenient

In this ever growing technological world, having access to any book you want with just a few clicks is becoming more appealing to people every day. Also, not having to lug around a 1000 page fantasy novel during your commute to work, or when you are traveling, is one of the reasons that eBooks have become popular overtime.

eBooks are Adjustable

Some readers may struggle reading the physical copy of your book. The text might be too small or the black text on a white page may be difficult for the reader to focus. Having the ability to change things like font size and color can make reading a more relaxing and enjoyable experience for them. Each reader is different and eBooks can be adjusted to reflect that.

While eBooks have many factors that are beneficial, there are still some things to consider that might make printing your book a better choice instead.

The Cons of eBooks

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eBooks Have More Competition

With how incredibly easy it is to create an eBook and sell it online, there is a larger selection of eBooks compared to printed books in the market. If you are serious in making your book known, selling just an eBook might make that more difficult in the rapidly growing eBook collection.

eBooks Lack Charm

While eBooks are convenient and accessible, owning a physical copy is truly unique. There is an art to a printed book that is lost in the digital format. If you are willing to spend the time and money, you can create a breathtaking book that readers will be proud to cherish and have displayed on their shelf for years to come.

eBooks Don’t Support Local Bookstores

For book lovers, it is important to keep local bookstores alive and well. eBooks are unable to support that. If you are interested in seeing your local bookstore thrive, printed books are the way to do it.

Which Should You Choose?

Ultimately, that choice comes down to your priorities when creating and selling your book. If you are still uncertain, there is always the option to sell both physical and digital versions of it if you so wish!

Whether you want to print your book, convert it to an eBook, or both, Gorham Printing is here to help every step of the way.

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  1. Mike Reininger

    It never hurts to give your book conversion to an e-book a try. What doesn’t work for one publisher may work for another. I discontinued selling my e-book because I wasn’t breaking-even in my e-book sales. I had a book printing business in Ohio manage my account at the time and they had their share of fees involved. Besides, the type of people that like my kind of book prefer hard copy books. Also, I can autograph those books for my customers. It flatters them. I, myself, don’t read e-books. I don’t want to look at a computer screen any longer than I have to. Reading itself is hard enough on my eyes. But I can understand that some people need e-books to read due to their own eye/vision problems.

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