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The Professional, as Self-Publisher

Our most-frequently reprinted titles by self-published authors are books associated with the author’s profession. While we adore our novel writers, poets, and armchair historians, we also love working with this valuable group of professionals! Writing may not be their primary source of income, but a book can supplement a practice, and be sold during presentations or out of the office.professional self published author writing on the table Gorham Printing

These books tend to be nonfiction, with information and tips for either the layperson, or other professionals. We see reprints of books by lawyers, nurses, counselors, accountants, and software users. Our Graphic Designers have lots of experience designing these types of books, creating intriguing covers and readable, engaging text.

Books by counselors usually contain anecdotal stories, along with methods relating to specific concerns. Lawyers and accountants often use scans of forms and documents to illustrate their material. Nursing books will display easy-to-use charts, and software instructions employ screen shots so that readers can follow along.

Could you contribute to your profession and supplement your practice with a book?

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