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What Are Print Overruns?

Mishaps in book production are an unavoidable aspect of the book printing industry. To account for any mishaps, we print extra book components to ensure we can send you the number of books that you order at the highest possible quality.

When we print your book, we will print up to 10% more book blocks and covers than the quantity listed on your order. For example, for an order of 100 books, we may print 110 book blocks and 110 covers. Some of those covers may print with a streak in the toner and will be considered unusable by our print technicians. Some covers might pick up a bubble in the laminating machine. Most common are mishaps with the binding and trimming machines. Slim spines, landscape books, and custom trim sizes are all trickier to bind and cut.

book mishaps, no need to pay for print overruns Gorham Printing
Clockwise from the top left: A book block destroyed by the binding machine; a book cut short by the trimmer; three covers stuck to one text block by the binding machine. You do NOT pay for these mishaps – you only pay for perfect books!

We recycle any misprinted or damaged books during production and only deliver the finest quality books to you. Your final total of printed books, then, may be slightly above (overrun) or below (underrun) your ordered amount.

Do I Have to Pay for Overruns?

Gorham Printing tries our best to be extremely efficient, and we cover the cost of the overruns for all softcover (perfect bound) book orders.

Hardcover, spiral, lay-flat, and other binding styles may have overruns which will impact your final cost. You are responsible for only the quantity of books that pass all of our quality checks. This amount will never be more than 10% over or under the quantity of ordered books.

As always, we are happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have about our book printing policies and procedures. Just give us a call!

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