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Your trusted book printer for softcover, hardcover, and spiral-bound books. Digital book printing for 25 to 2,000 books.

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Book Design

From paperbacks to coffee table books, benefit from our years of experience in book design.


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Our Book Types

Gorham Printing is a Pacific Northwest book printer specializing in digital book printing, design and eBooks.
We produce softcover, hardcover, and spiral-bound books in quantities of 25 to 2,000.

Softcover Books

Full color digitally printed book cover with film lamination, adhesive bound with page counts from 32 to 900 pages in sizes 4x5" to 8.5x11"

Hardcover Books

Three styles: full-color printed and laminated, standard cloth hardcover with foil stamping with or without a full-color printed dustjacket in sizes 4x5" to 8.5x11"

Spiral Books

Full color book cover with film lamination, plastic spiral coil, 16 colors available in sizes 4x5" to 8.5x11"


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Gorham Printing is your go-to book printer for all types of history books.


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A book printer for over 30 years, Gorham Printing is a small (but mighty) family business!


24 Self-Publishing Tips

24 book printing tips we've gathered over our years as a book printer.