We print history books!

From hardcover to softcover, we produce
high-quality books at competitive prices.


Sales Tools for History Books

Sell your book with a web page, business cards, catalog listing and more! All for just $160.


History Book Design Services

View our top-shelf history book design work, from coffee-table books to small softcovers.


Pricing Strategies

Two fictitious book scenarios will show you how production decisions impact cost.


"It's nice to offer this as an option to my personal history clients who want to offer their books online. This gives them a website at an affordable price offering readers the ability to purchase books without the author having to hassle with delivery.
What a tremendous service!"

—Julie Zander

History Book Types

We offer many types of bindings for history books.
From softcover to several types of hardcover, we've got your book covered!

Softcover History Books

This price scenario is a basic, low-cost approach based on the a history book about a small town. You do the design, and we'll print a softcover book with black-and-white interior pages and a glossy full color cover.

Hardcover History Books

This price scenario includes interior text and cover design, as well as hardcover binding. Intended to illustrate how a higher quantity and page count will affect the final cost.