american-bride.jpg image (jpg) An American Picture Bride

Softcover, 180 pages, includes 36 photographs, 1st printing 2018

by Toy Kay with Janine Gates

An American Picture Bride is the story of Toy Kay, 93, of Olympia. Born in Butte, Montana, she was raised as a daughter of the late 1800s Qing Dynasty of China.

At fifteen, I wanted to go on to high school, but Mother said, “No! You must get married!” My mother handed me a picture of Bill Kay. I looked at it and saw a very handsome man. Mother asked me if I like him.

“I do not know,” I said, as I turned away and burst into tears.

Painfully shy and programmed to be an obedient wife, Toy married Bill Kay in an arranged marriage in 1941. Toy was 16 when Bill brought her to Olympia, Washington. She started work the very next day at the Kay family restaurant, Kay’s Café, and worked there for 33 years.

Toy’s story is one of personal and spiritual transformation. She founded the Olympia Area Chinese Association and was active in several community service organizations. For her efforts, Toy received the Living Legend Award of Thurston County in 2003.



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Softcover: 180 pages

Publisher: Toy Kay and Janine Gates (2018-02-12)

Language: English

ISBN: 978-0-9995849-0-3

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Toy Kay with Janine Gates			photo About the Author

Toy Kay, 93, lives in Olympia, Washington. She enjoys public speaking, writing poetry and daily affirmations, the company of family and friends, and practicing meditation. After spending so many years trying to do her highest good, she is now at peace, living in her perfect now.

Janine Gates is a freelance journalist, photographer, and caregiver for seniors in Olympia, Washington. She writes a community news blog, Little Hollywood, at, and serves on the board of the Olympia Historical Society and Bigelow House Museum.

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