Another Normal Anywhere

Softcover, 294 pages, 1st printing, 2021

by mdhornsby

Nadia Zuze always found a way back to herself.

Her strangeness was noticed by many, her unique brilliance by few. Unfortunately for Nadia, James Bigfoot Caesar was quick to recognize the latter. Despite his supposed ability to control anyone and manifest any cruel whim he pleased, she seemingly escaped his long reach only to discover her best friend Sailor Boy had not been so fortunate. Now, while possibly being watched over by a murder of crows, Nadia is forced to decide between her safe new normal and risking everything to stop the maniac who almost destroyed her, as all her thoughts and actions are being closely observed -by something within.

Narrated from three perspectives and filtered through various U.S. cultural debris, Another Normal Anywhere is a New Adult dystopian comedy about humanity’s bicameral experiences, inner darkness, unrequited love, feminine rage, and our inherent potential to become adaptive to change.



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Product Details

Softcover: 294 pages

Publisher: mdhornsby (2021-12-01)

Language: English

ISBN: 78057324142

Product Dimensions: 5.50 x 8.50 inches

Shipping Weight: 15.00 ounces

mdhornsby  photoAbout the Author

mdhornsby is writer, student, and musician living in Portland Oregon with his cat Cristopher.

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