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Begin Again

41 Stories by Paul Lowance Niebanck

It's a long and a dusty road, it's a hot and a heavy load
And the folks that I meet ain't always kind
Some are bad, some are good
Some have done the best they could
And some have tried to ease my troublin' mind

I've been wanderin' through this land, doin' the best I can
Tryin' to find out what I was meant to do
And the people that I see look as worried as can be
And it looks like they are wonderin' too

And I can't help but wonder
where I'm bound, where I'm bound
Can't help but wonder where I'm bound.


And here’s to you, my ramblin’ boy-
May all your ramblin’ bring you joy.

Tom Paxton



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Paul Niebanck photoAbout the Author

Paul Lowance Niebanck was born in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. When he was age 7, the family moved to the Hudson Valley of New York, where he went to public school. His studies then took him through Johns Hopkins, University of Pennsylvania, and, later, the Pacific School of Religion.

As a young adult, Paul worked at industrial jobs of many kinds in several cities, plus YMCA youth work in Tarrytown and Brooklyn, New York. Subsequent work included academic positions at Penn, UC Santa Cruz, University of Washington and Portland State University. He had executive responsibilities in all of these institutions, and in the federal government.

Paul has been celebrated for the excellence and originality of his professional work across the board: his publications, his leadership among colleagues, and especially his inspiring teaching. These were celebrated in 2002 when he was named “Distinguished Educator of the Year” by the Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning.

Paul has written extensively. “Begin Again” is unique among his publications. He calls it “my truth-of-the-moment, “a peek into where my life is rooted, how it has evolved, and where it stands right now.” Paul has been legally blind since birth.

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