In Death's Shadow

Softcover, 152 pages, 1st printing, 2023

by David M. Branham & Robert C. Leschorn

Follow the author on a roller-coaster ride story of the life of Retired Deputy U.S. Marshal Robert Leschorn who served a distinguished 28-year career leading the largest and most dangerous Fugitive Operations in American History. You’ll read about his frequent encounters with some of the most notorious organized crime (La Cosa Nostra) figures in American History. Take a deep dive into how the deputy tracked down the worst of the worst felons and how he posed as a Mafia hit man in a 'controlled breakout' of a con artist from Rikers Island (New York’s largest jail) who would admit to the diabolical scheme of attempting to have two federal agents murdered and how the deputy nearly escaped Death’s Shadow in the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center. In Death's Shadow was released at the United States Marshals Museum in Fort Smith, Arkansas in September 2023.

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Reviews of In Death's Shadow

This book should be an exciting, intriguing depiction of the events regarding the life of one of our courageous and great American heroes, who was almost killed about ten or more times during his dynamic career! Bob Leschorn is a man of honor, and I cannot wait to read his book!

— Ron S, 2023-11-01

Gripping and a fast read…love the wonderful photos…well done!

— Steve B, 2023-11-01

If you want to understand what a Deputy U.S. Marshal does…be sure to read this book!

— Bill F, 2023-11-01

Product Details

Softcover: 152 pages

Publisher: David M. Branham & Robert C. Leschorn (2023-09-01)

Language: English

ISBN: 979-8-9887506-1-1

Product Dimensions: 6.00 x 9.00 inches

Shipping Weight: 10.00 ounces

David M. Branham Robert C. Leschorn photoAbout the Co-authors

David M. Branham served as a Public Affairs Officer for the U.S. Government for 30-years, retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Air Force. His many assignments include serving as Public Affairs Officer for Air Force One and being an on-the-record spokesperson with the U. S. Marshals Service, representing the U.S. Attorney General and the Federal Courts in Federal Law Enforcement crisis-communications matters.

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Robert C. Leschorn served a distinguished 28-year career as a Deputy U.S. Marshal, culminating in his final assignment as the Acting Chief Deputy U.S. Marshal, Eastern District of Virginia. He led and supervised the largest and most complex Federal Law Enforcement inter-agency Fugitive Operations in American History. He has been featured in several television documentaries and newspaper features to include New York Newsday, New York Post, New York Times, ABC News, NBC News, CBS News, the History Channel, ESPN 30 for 30 and NFL Films.

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