A Dream Made Real

Printed Hardcover, 154 pages, includes 500 photographs, 2nd printing, 2022

by Aura Stiers

Mermaid - A Dream Made Real is a 150 page picture book featuring professional Mermaid Aura Stiers, 'The Swashbuckling Mermaid,' based out of Poulsbo, WA. The book really showcases the epic beauty of Washington State.

Mermaid Aura is also nicknamed The Swashbuckling Mermaid as she is a SCA Rapier fighter who enjoys a good melee every now and then.

This stunning 150 page collection showcases over 500 separate photographs via 20 separate photoshoots at 20 separate geographical locations around Western Washington. The book also features a plethora of poems and short stories written personally by Mermaid Aura. The project itself took 3 years to complete (2018 - 2021) and was produced jointly by Cyrus Rhodes, who took the majority of the photographs and co-produced by Mermaid Aura. In a recent interview, Mermaid Aura cited the recent COVID 19 epidemic was a major inspiration that led her out of the house to explore the scenic beauty of Western Washington.



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Reviews of Mermaid

''A stunning body of work'' - The Magic Pen

''A unique combination of poetry and photography that explores themes of mythology, ecological awareness, and self-examination'' - Fame Magazine

''Possesses rare and evocative power'' - MEDIUM

''Fantastically epic'' - Too Much Love Magazine

Product Details

Printed Hardcover: 154 pages

Publisher: The Swashbuckling Mermaid (2022-03-14)

Language: English

ISBN: 9780578871196

Product Dimensions: 8.50 x 11.00 inches

Shipping Weight: 26.00 ounces

Aura Stiers photoAbout the Author

Aura Stiers isan artist, writer, women's rights advocate, ship wreck survivor. Stiers has a long personal history in the arts and that shines through in her ability to pose for a wide variety of shots, her costuming choices, and the surehandedness she displays connecting the written pieces with their photographic accompaniment. She hope to inspire people to treat each other with respect and common courtesy.

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