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Softcover, 296 pages, includes 47 photographs, 1 printing 2019

by Bruce Angus

Starting in the ‘50s, this light-hearted memoir tracks a young Canadian’s trials and transitions through young adulthood. When family collapse during adolescence necessitated initiative, the author followed his yearning for travel and discovery, with stories of stints in the Navy, the wilderness, college in Scotland and sailing the seven seas.

This story is of formative years, the angst of adolescence and a quest for adventure inspired by the sights and sounds of ships and boats in Vancouver harbour in the 50s/60s. Written in the luxury of hindsight, the tales embody touching as well as silly observations on life and loves.

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Reviews for Minutiae

I've designed many memoirs over my 25+ years of book design, (hundreds, even thousands) and Minutiae is in the top ten for writing quality and personal insights.

— Kathy Campbell, Book Designer Olympia WA   2019-08-24

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Softcover: 296 pages

Publisher: Bruce Angus (2019-08-23)

Language: English

ISBN: 978-0-578-53110-6

Product Dimensions: 5.50 x 8.50 inches

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Bruce Angus			photo About the Author

Bruce Angus is a Canadian-American author who grew up in North Vancouver and followed a maritime career in Canada, Europe and USA. He resides in West Vancouver with guitars, plants, and 3 brilliant adult children dotted around the planet. Author photo taken at Hagia Sophia, Istanbul.

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