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Softcover, 296 pages, includes 47 photographs, 1st printing, 2019

by Bruce Angus

This amusing memoir is about a boomer kid raised in a port city in the 50s, in an environment that planted the seed for a seafaring career. In adolescence, family problems interrupted schooling, and social stress spawned a need for reinvention. A stint in the Navy provided initial direction that later led to a year on a very remote island, attending college in Scotland and subsequent global adventure as a merchant marine officer. The author’s uncommon path was propelled by gut instinct to adapt.

Written with levity and pathos, the story traces silly and scary experiences that became an awesome adventure and unique career.

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Reviews of Minutiae

I've designed many memoirs over my 25+ years of book design, (hundreds, even thousands) and Minutiae is in the top ten for writing quality and personal insights.

— Kathy Campbell, Book Designer, Olympia, WA, 2019-11-18

I read it (during my flight) and laughed my way to Ottawa.

— Moreen R., Tsawwassen, BC, 2019-11-18

I just finished Minutiae. What a book! I couldn't put it down! You took me from familiar experiences, to foreign and exotic adventures I could only dream about. Your writing is cerebral but down-to-earth and you paint vivid pictures. Your Agony Aunt story is priceless and had me tearing up from laughing, and the stark ending to your story about the terror-stricken sailor on the radio at Bull Harbour teared me up too. Bruce, this is a masterpiece, complete with lyrics and footnotes.I hope the next book is in the works, I can hardly wait.

— Scott L., Boston, MA, 2019-11-18

You're an amazing writer. Everyone should read your book.

— Joanie S., Groton, MA, 2019-11-18

It's a hum-zinger collection of stories.

— Lauren R., Chilliwack, BC, 2019-11-18

It had me crying with laughter on numerous occasions. I came to the end and closed the book with a sigh, wishing there were more chapters to read - every page was fascinating.

— Anne S., St. Aubin sur Mer, France, 2019-11-18

It was a delight to read. The asides and humorous quips are in the vein of Tom Sharpe.

— Ronnie G., Dublin, Ireland, 2019-11-18

I love your book. I laughed and cried.

— Barbara B., North Vancouver, BC, 2019-11-18

I read it twice and really enjoyed it. Brilliant job

— Tony R., Salisbury, UK, 2019-11-18

You have had quite a life.

— Barb F., Nanoose, BC, 2019-11-18

Made me laugh and delighted memories of times gone by.

— Helga G., Sechelt, BC, 2019-11-18

Loved your stories and details about the ships.

— Don M., Delta, BC, 2019-11-18

I really enjoyed it. If you write a sequel I will be queuing at the release.

— Johnny A., Perth, Australia, 2019-11-18

Product Details

Softcover: 296 pages

Publisher: Bruce Angus (2019-08-23)

Language: English

ISBN: 978-0-578-53110-6

Product Dimensions: 5.50 x 8.50 inches

Shipping Weight: 15.00 ounces

Bruce Angus photoAbout the Author

Bruce Angus is a Canadian-American author who grew up in North Vancouver and followed a maritime career in Canada, Europe and USA. He resides in West Vancouver with guitars, plants, and 3 brilliant adult children dotted around the planet. Author photo taken at Hagia Sophia, Istanbul.

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