You're Gonna Die

My Journey to Survive

Softcover, 114 pages, 1st printing, 2021

by Jesse and Beverly Campbell

A story of a seemingly healthy and vital individual who is suddenly told he has stage 4 bladder cancer with the likelihood that his life might end within six to eight months. How can you even grasp the idea that your life may be ending so soon, how do you share this shattering news with your family and friends? The story describes the different emotions that the writer experienced from shock to anxiety, fear and even hope.

Once the news is shared the author describes how people treat you differently. Yet their continuing support is vital to your daily outlook and any hope for recovery. Suggestions are offered from family and friends on why this may happen and how to overcome the emotional response.

The Journey was not simple, it was determined that additional lymph nodes were involved, the cancer had metastasized, a word no patient wants to hear. It just seemed all news was bad news. Next steps were on to cancer treatment. After several years the chemotherapy was not successful and it seemed the end was in sight.

But fortunately a clinical trial became available and the patient was accepted. After the trial ended tests revealed there were no measurable cancerous tumors. Success! And the author lived to share his story.

Written in a journal format with the intention of helping provide guidance for others that may be diagnosed with a 'terminal' illness, their family and friends. Comments from the medical professionals that provided care along with detailed analysis of the various tests and treatments are included to help young people preparing for a healthcare career understand the criticality of interaction with the patient.



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Reviews of You're Gonna Die

What a compelling journey of pain and heartbreak in the face of a terminal illness with a very limited life expectancy. Jesse’s perseverance through the torment of medical treatment, along with the support of his loving family, this guy has beaten the odds.

— Nancy Allen, RN, Educator and Executive Director of the National Consortium for Health Science Education, 2021-07-09

An inspiring story of physical fortitude, resiliency and spiritual stamina exhibited in an effort to live life. A tribute to a family who offered support through emotional ups and downs and weathering informational storms of treatment with courage, love and support.

— Ruette Carstenson, Education Coordinator for the American Cancer Society, Health Services El Dorado County District Coordinator, Volunteer Shriners Hospital for Children, 2021-07-09

This first-hand experience, which has been very well captured in Jesse’s story will certainly better equip healthcare workers, family caregivers, as well as patients with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate through one of life’s most difficult times.

— Scott Hess, Education Administrator at the local, state and national level, Coordinator for College and Career Transition Programs-US Department of Education, 2021-07-09

(Students considering a career in healthcare) love the details from the patient’s point of view, the doctor’s point of view as well as the caregivers point of view. This story gives us all of the different references in a story format that should capture the interest of the reader and help guide them if and when they are faced with the responsibility of providing or assisting with care for someone with a critical illness or injury.

— Jim Koeninger, Executive Director and Karen Koeninger―Deputy Director HOSA - Future Health Professionals, 2021-07-09

When offered the opportunity to review the book I asked myself is this something I would benefit from reading? Was it ever!

— Ken Russell, US Army Medic, Epidemiologist, Regional Manager for medical device companies, 2021-07-09

I especially valued Jesse’s advice to family, friends, neighbors and strangers, not knowing what to say to a cancer patient. . . the content of this book affords a wonderful resource to a broad audience. . . I would gladly use the content within a variety of teaching-learning venues. Thank you, Jesse for sharing this Journey with me.

— Nancy Langley Russell, Pediatric Nurse/manager, Staff Nurse Neonatal Intensive Care, College Science Professor, Nurse Educator and Curriculum Specialist, 2021-07-09

The book did a super job of helping the reader be right there through the last 8 years. Details on how the caretaker survived really is an important piece.

— Carole Stacy, Nurse, Nurse Educator, Healthcare Workforce Consultant, 2021-07-09

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Softcover: 114 pages

Publisher: BECGROUP (2021-06-02)

Language: English

ISBN: 978-0-578-92175-4

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Jesse and Beverly Campbell photoAbout the Co-authors

In his early years Jesse’s interests revolved around playing in a rock and roll band. Travel and entertaining live audiences gave him pleasure and a good income-even bought a brand new car. Later he was employed at Rocketdyne during the time the company was involved in the first moon landing. He moved from that work into law enforcement for a number of years. Finally, once moving to Northern California he found his niche-owning and operating a tractor business where he could be out among the trees and animals that roamed the Sierra foothills. His first adult near-death experience, or so it seemed to the owner whose property he was grading--a very steep hillside--I had already dialed 91 and had my finger on the second 1 should you come rolling down the hill! Through all of his different experiences he still maintains his love of music with several guitars and amps lining the wall in the game room.

When cancer struck as the book describes life changed. There were so many different crisis and situations to deal with. The more people he talked with the more they said to him 'you should write a book.' And that is exactly what has been accomplished.

co-author photo

Bev began her career, after a flurry of inconsequential jobs, as a Career Technical Education teacher. After several years she was invited to apply for a leadership position at the California Department of Education headquartered in Sacramento. She was selected and spent nearly 30 years managing statewide program grants from the federal government while also building the secondary and adult health careers programs. This entailed writing curriculum, building partnerships between schools and healthcare facilities, integrating academic and career program content and distributing resources through local, state and national workshops. She also co-founded the National Consortium for Health Science Education seeking grants and contracts to create materials for classroom use.

Once retired Bev created a second career by assisting with the establishment of two health professions high schools in Northern California and redesigning an inner-city school with a federal magnet school grant in St. Paul, Minnesota. She contracted to build partnership and integrated studies for schools in 37 states. With her love of writing, she also worked with several textbook publishers as a subject matter expert, analyzing content for accuracy and appropriateness, and adding content as needed.

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