to-get-beyond.jpg image (jpg) To Get Beyond
Stellar Revelations On One of the Wildest Walks in the World

Softcover, 328 pages, 3 printing 2017

by David C Richards

This novel is based on one of the little known wonders of the world, the Pacific Crest Trail. Rick Trogstad sets out in the summer of 2003 to hike this high route from Mexico to Canada. He is soon joined by Victoria, a woman of magic, romance and mystery. Together they cross snow covered passes, rivers and deserts. It is the tale of gut-wrenching physical punishment, unspeakable beauty and revelations of other existing civilizations. Victoria is from another world, far out in the stars. Rick is overwhelmed by her astounding descriptions of life in another part of the Galaxy and the technologies she brings. He is pushed and pulled to new vantage points, far beyond his preconceived limits.

Author’s Notes: Several years ago, in simpler times, I thru-hiked the PCT... no cell phone coverage, no GPS coverage and few people on trail. This was 2003 and the experience was intense and rewarding. I kept a daily journal and scribbled copious notes on maps, guide books and free ranging scraps of paper, most of which actually survived. These became the basis for this book. I hope some readers will be challenged by concepts brought forth in this novel, and go beyond their own perceived limitations to find new strengths and talents which may be just waiting to blossom.



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Reviews for To Get Beyond

Seldom have I read a novel of this breadth and depth. To Get Beyond is not for the faint hearted… be prepared for a wild, sophisticated, continuous onslaught of raw courage, tenacity and unbridled newness coming from all directions. The final frosting is the music and prose. Clearly this book will become the basis for a stellar musical production.

— Paul Nordhauser   2017-03-24

To Get Beyond is a wonderful story based on the Pacific Crest Trail told in graphic, shimmering detail, one day at a time. It is possible to walk this high and wild route from Mexico to Canada in one long summer and this novel presents the details in glowing color, from comic to caustic. Interlaced between the estimated 14 million steps of this adventure is the disclosure of unknown civilizations at the limits of earthly comprehension. This spellbinding journey is beautifully crafted with insight and wit.

— Roger Hudsen   2017-03-16

A truly original first novel, packed with adventure, romance and compelling revelations of other Worlds. David C. Richards has created a gripping saga of the wonders of this planet and the unknown forces that surround us.

— Venita Morales   2017-03-08

Product Details

Softcover: 328 pages

Publisher: Backwater Bay Publishing (2017-02-15)

Language: English

ISBN: 978-978-0-58802-1

Product Dimensions: 6.00 x 9.00 inches

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David Richards			photo About the Author

David C. Richards was born in Washington State, now lives on Puget Sound and has spent the majority of his life in the San Francisco Bay area. Since his early years in Boy Scouts, he has been immersed in the high mountain wilderness. The best parts were always beyond the established trail systems, following the pull of the unknown with nothing but a map and the deepest desire for adventure.

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