Up Through the Darkness

A Novel

Softcover, 318 pages, 1st printing, 2022

by Wayne Aronsen

Signed by the author.

Shipped to America from Denmark by her German officer lover, alone, forsaken and pregnant, Anders’ mother ends up with her infant son in a small town on the coast of central California–the war over. Anders grows up with his reclusive mother, unaware of her past until her despondency finally drives her to suicide when he is eighteen years old. Forty years later, now a wealthy resident and prosperous businessman of the same town, a chance meeting with an old German rancher begins the revelation of Anders’ family history and the ruin of his businesses in real estate and a five-star restaurant. Small town corruption, the noirish coastal setting, a cast of strong female characters, and a mysterious benefactor lead him to a final violent act.

Up Through the Darkness is ultimately the study of Anders’ melancholy nature–how he copes and how he is redeemed.

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Reviews of Up Through the Darkness

Loved your book Wayne! I read it in two days. I can definitely see this as a movie. I enjoy your writing, I actually feel like I’m there with the characters. I can feel the sea breeze I can see the beautiful scenery, can almost taste the wine. Your writing it’s amazing! Another book please!!

— Christina Long, Artist, 2021-01-21

Wayne's love of language takes us on a lyrical journey into the mind of his moody main character, Anders. The setting, the plot and the other characters combine to add to the mystery of just what is hidden from Anders, and what he has to hide.

— Sandy Jensen, Editor, 2022-01-14

Just finished reading UP THROUGH THE DARKNESS. We’ll done! Masterful writing and compelling story line. Your characters were captivating and authentic. I loved it my friend!

— Leland Freeman, 2022-02-27

This book is art, like reading a painting.

— Larry Carlson, Poet, 2022-03-16

Product Details

Softcover: 318 pages

Publisher: Wayne Aronsen (2022-01-01)

Language: English

ISBN: 978-1-7372082-2-8

Product Dimensions: 5.50 x 8.50 inches

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Wayne Aronsen photoAbout the Author

Wayne Aronsen is the author of two poetry books: Art to Alchemy combined with images by photographer Robert Nease, published by Wayne and printed by Edition One Books; and A Day Completed published by Wayne and printed by Gorham Printing.

He graduated from California State University at Fullerton California. After a brief stint in journalism, he started his own contracting business, specializing in stone masonry. He is currently retired and lives in Southern California with his wife, Helen, and enjoys giving public readings of his work.

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