Weaving Color Into Sacred Spaces

Spiral Bound, 146 pages, 2021

by Darcy J. MacPherson

This guide takes you through the world of color, guiding you to develop a restorative space. It presents infinite possibilities in working with nature, through colors, archangels, and crystals. There are suggestions of adding unique touches using western astrology with tips from the Bagua. Use the interactive floral calendar to walk around the astrological wheel and their relationships with the stars and planets. Gaze through charts that guide you through each plant and its ruling planet. Step into your inspirations and create your magical world.



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Reviews for Weaving Color Into Sacred Spaces

Your book is fantastic! The photos are incredible! Thank you so much for sharing one with me. I'll always treasure it and enjoy it. I don't know the words to express my admiration.

— Maggie, 2021-07-26

All the ladies LOVE the book. And they are so glad to have something so special.

— Trish, 2021-07-26


— Christie, 2021-07-26

Product Details

Spiral Bound: 146 pages

Publisher: Darcy J. MacPherson (2021-04-01)

Language: English

ISBN: 978-0-9962757-2-9

Product Dimensions: 8.50 x 11.00 inches

Shipping Weight: 16.00 ounces

Darcy MacPherson photoAbout the Author

Darcy J. MacPherson is an experienced horticulturist and information technologist with more than 20 years of experience in both fields. She is forever learning and calls herself an educational junkie; she constantly explores, utilizes techniques and studies from both disciplines.

Darcy loves to explore the history and myths of gardens, plants and sacred spaces. Why are they important to people, what activities makes them special places, and can they be preserved? Her journey today consists of owning a business called Silver Thread Gardens, where she partners with clients to restore and create sacred spaces. Through this she has woven technical and practical expertise and mythology into the clients’ personal spaces. She enjoys partnering with others to bring forth the value of nature to their world.

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