Hardcover Stamping

Lots of custom options!

Nothing beats the striking look of a hardcover book stamped in shiny foil. Stamping is typically done on the front and spine, but the back cover can be stamped too. In addition to the in-stock colors we offer in our price quotes, Double-foiling is also available. Call us to discuss your special project.

How it works:

  • A black-and-white version of the stamp can either be designed by us or provided by you as a PDF file
  • The stamp can include graphics and/or text
  • A copper die is made from the digital file
  • The cased-in hardcover is stamped using this copper die in the foil of your choice
  • The stamp process involves pressure, so some spreading of the foil can result
  • Our quote system allows for a die size of 20 square inches. Larger dies will cost more

Some rules:

  • If the spine of your book will be any smaller than 3/8 inch (.375) wide, all spine type should be all caps
  • Allow for 1/16 inch between the words and the vertical spine edges
  • On the front of the book, do not place anything closer than .25 from the edges
  • Avoid using very thin lines or typefaces
  • A little extra space between letters will keep them from blending together
  • Try to keep lines and elements uniform, avoid thick and thin elements together

The stamping process


Some more ideas:

Covers can be stamped with two different colors of foil, email us for a quote.

Embossing and foiling can also be done on dustjackets or softcovers, call for pricing.

Hardcover books can simply be embossed without foil, call for pricing.

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