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24 Self-Publishing Tips

Over the years we've worked with many small publishers and self-publishers and have developed a list of book marketing tips that will get you results.

Get an ISBN/Barcode

If you plan on selling your book in a brick-and-mortar bookstore, or an online bookstore (like Amazon or Barnes & Noble) you will need an ISBN number and barcode.

Back Cover Tips

Your back cover can help sell your book. You have a few paragraphs about the book and/or its author on the back (about 100 to 200 words) to hook the potential reader.


Authors with the most success have their books professionally edited before book design begins.


Information to help you figure out your index.

Social Media

The internet is one of your greatest resources as it can be used for a very low cost, and often for free, to help you market your book, connect with other authors, and communicate with your fans and potential readers.

Copyright Your Book

Protect your ideas, words and images by copyrighting your book before publication. Copyright prevents unauthorized resellers from copying and selling your work, protecting your earnings as an author.

Book Reviews

The best way to generate publicity for your book, which in turn generates sales, is to be reviewed.

Online Presence

Increasingly, author visibility depends on how you represent yourself and your product online. This page will show you how.

Sell Your Book

We've also got help with sales tools like a web page or order fulfillment.

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