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What is an Advanced Reader Copy?

An advanced reader copy (ARC) is an incomplete version of a book that is typically distributed to bookstores, publishers and reviewers in advance of its publication. Traditionally, these reviewers consist of magazines and literary newspapers, but the list has expanded in recent years to include bloggers and social media personalities.

ARCs will commonly lack a final cover design and proofread edits and instead feature publication information or quotes from readers who have seen the book. But unlike proofs, ARCs contain the complete, rough version of the book’s content.

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So Why Do I Need an ARC?

In the growing world of self-publishing, ARCs allow authors to lead with their strongest marketing tool: their content! ARCs generate buzz among readers and online communities, giving books the competitive headstart they need before they hit the marketplace.

For freelance writers, ARCs are an important tool for generating publicity, praise, and critical insight, which in turn lead to increased book sales. ARCs also foster relationships among industry professionals and influencers, resulting in broader name recognition.

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What Do I Do When I Have My ARC?

Get your stamps ready! Typically, ARCs are sent out three months in advance of the book's release, allowing the author to make final edits based on the reviewers' input. An ARC package should include:

  • A short biography of the author with relevant credentials.
  • A note identifying the copy as an ARC along with the book's ISBN, page count, price and tenative release date .

ARCs can be mailed to reviewers (newspapers, literary journals, bloggers, etc.) in order to generate publicity. Freelance writers can also consider sending their ARCs to publishers in the hopes of getting picked up for wider distribution. When printing with Gorham Printing, have a list of addresses ready for us to mail directly to reviewers, saving yourself shipping costs.

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"Gorham Printing's first job for me is a gem. The printing is high quality, bindings are flawless, the cover coating is perfect, and the quality of paper is exactly what I wanted. Also, I appreciated the extra care in packing the books, a service that is too often overlooked. To top it all off, you've all been great to work with. "

—Hal Zina Bennett, Author and Publisher


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