What to Send for Cover Design Service

If you have opted to use our cover design services, our designers can combine your photos, graphics, book reviews and text to create a one-of-a-kind cover. Below are instructions for how to organize and send your materials to our designers.

What do I need for Basic Cover Template?

If you opt for our Basic Cover Template service, you will need to provide the front and back cover as PDF, JPG or PNG files. We will create a spine and combine your front and back covers into a one, cohesive cover file.

What do I need for Standard and Deluxe Design?

If you opt for our Standard or Deluxe Cover Design services, use the checklist below to compile your materials. Cover details, such as title, author name and reviews, can be sent as an email or uploaded as a Word document using our Send Files Tool. Most covers do not have every item from this list. If you prefer to not send any back cover information, we will create a cohesive back cover with no words.

Standard & Deluxe Cover Design Checklist
  • Book title and subtitle
  • Author name, biography and photo
  • Cover images as JPG, PDF or TIFF files*
  • Book summary
  • Book reviews
  • Publisher name, logo and web address
  • ISBN and price

*If you do not have an image, we will find a professional stock image for you! Just let us know in an email or word doc what concept you are looking for.

Providing a Print-ready Cover PDF

If you have prepared a print-ready cover and do not need design or formatting services, please review our the Cover PDF Requirements before sending your file.

Cover Design Portfolio

See examples of covers our team has designed from memoirs to novels and more.

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Our Design Process

Learn how our designers take an idea and transform it into a stunning book cover.

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