Print-ready PDF or Gorham Printing design?

While some customers supply their own print-ready PDFs using our instructions and guidelines, many prefer to take advantage of our excellent design department to transform their manuscript into a visually attractive, professional looking book. Which path is right for you? The points below may help you decide.

You may want to supply a print-ready PDF if:

  • You are familiar with book layout conventions
  • You are proficient with design software and can set up a cover with a spine and bleeds
  • You know how to make a PDF from a "native" file (such as Microsoft Word or InDesign)
  • Your text PDF file meets our print-ready Interior Page Requirements
  • Your cover PDF file meets our print-ready Cover Requirements

You may want to hire Gorham Printing to design your book if:

  • You want a cover design that will compete with those from the big publishers
  • You want your book to meet publishing industry layout standards but you're not sure how
  • Having a beautifully designed book is important to you, whether your books are to be sold or simply for your own use.
  • You have original photos or art that need to be scanned (digitized)
  • You would prefer Gorham Printing to take care of the details so you don't have to

At Gorham Printing, you have options. Your book is made up of two separate components: a cover file and a interior page file. If you know you can make a great-looking interior page PDF but you aren’t sure how to tackle your cover, you can place your order with a print-ready interior page PDF combined with Gorham Printing designed cover, or vise versa. We are flexible and ready to work with you one-on-one to make sure your order is right for your needs.

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