What to Send for Interior Design Service

If you have opted to use our text design services, our designers can combine your manuscript, photos, graphics and personal mementos to create a one-of-a-kind interior layout. Below are instructions for how to organize and send your materials to our designers.

Your Manuscript

Your manuscript is the most important component of your book. Provide your text-only manuscript as a Word Doc or RTF file. There should be no images in the document. If you are providing images, put an image marker, such as "Insert Image 4 Here," in the spot where you want that image to appear in your manuscript.

Images and Photos

If your book has interior images, you will select either our Standard or Deluxe Interior Design services. Images should NOT be included in your manuscript. Instead, send your images as separate JPG, PNG, PDF or TIFF files. Name your image files so that they can be matched to corresponding markers in your manuscript. For example, if you have a marker that says "Insert Image 4 Here," title your image file "Image 4".

If you have hardcopies of photos that you would like to include in your book, mail them to our office at:

Gorham Printing
3718 Mahoney Drive
Centralia, Washington 98531
United States

Include a name on a sticky note on the back of each photo. We will then match these names to corresponding markers in your manuscript.

Image Captions

If you have captions that you would like to include with your pictures, compile your captions in a separate Word document. Give each caption a name that can be matched to a corresponding image in your text.

Interior Design Checklist
  • Text-only manuscript
  • Digital images as JPG, PNG, PDF or TIFF files
  • Photo hardcopies
  • Image captions
  • ISBN and information about the publisher
  • Reference Index*

*Learn how to plan, create and format an index for your book.

Providing a Print-ready Text PDF

If you have prepared a print-ready interior and do not need design or formatting services, please review our the Interior PDF Requirements before sending your file.

Interior Design Portfolio

See examples of interior layouts our team has designed from memoirs to novels and more.

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Our Design Process

Learn how our designers take a manuscript and transform it into a stunning text layout.

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