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Use the upload tool below to send us files after you've placed an order. Our designers will review your materials and contact you within 3-4 business days to discuss the beginning of your book design.

Wondering what files to send for design? Checkout the Cover Checklist and Text Checklist below!

Design Checklist

Below are points to consider that will help the designer create the best possible look for your cover and text.

Cover Design Checklist


Front Cover Words

Save all words in a single document as DOC or RTF file format.

  • Title
  • Author name
  • Subtitle


Front Cover Design Images

If you want Assisted Cover Design Services, please provide:

  • Digital images saved as JPG, PNG or TIF file format* *To obtain the highest quality images, provide us with an original scan or purchase files from a stock photo company. Shutterstock is highly recommended.
  • Photographs, artwork and other original source material for Gorham Printing to scan

If you want Custom Cover Design Services and your book is to be sold, please provide:

  • Insight to your intended audience and promotional plan
  • Optional rough cover concept


Back Cover Words

Save all words cover in a single document as DOC or RTF file format.

  • Author bio
  • Summary
  • Reviews
  • Publisher name
  • Genre/subject
  • Publisher logo
  • Web address


Back Cover Images

If you have images for the back cover of your book, provide:

  • Author photo (TIF, JPG, or PNG)
  • Optional company logo (EPS or PDF)



If you want a barcode on your cover, first:

  • Get an ISBN number from
  • Send us the number and price (if any) to be shown on the barcode

Image File Formats

Photographs have these formats:

  • TIF file: The best format for photos. 300 dpi is best.
  • PNG file: 300 dpi is best.
  • JPG file: A common format from phones and the web. Files should be 300 dpi but can be lower if file size is too large.

Logos and images made of letters and lines:

  • EPS file: The best file format for logos and line graphics.
  • PDF file: Can also be used.

Text Design Checklist


Your Manuscript

Save your manuscript in a single document as a DOC or RTF file format. Before saving:

  • Completely edit and spell-check all content (editorial changes made once the design process has started will cost $92/hour).


Text Images

Digital images are computer files provided by you. If you will be providing digital files of your images, please save them in the following formats:

  • Save photos as JPG, PNG, or TIF
  • Save all images files with a number in the file name
  • Save logos as EPS or PDF

If you have photographs, artwork or other original source material, Gorham Printing can scan your items. Please provide your materials in the following format:

  • Put a sticky note label with a number on the back of each original photo
  • Save all captions in a single file with each caption numbered to match the numbers on the images


Image Captions

If your text images have captions:

  • Save all captions in a single DOC or RTF file with each caption numbered to match a corresponding image

Text File Formats

Your software has more than one way to save a file. For our uses, you will need to save your text files in one of these formats:

  • DOC file: This is an MSWord format, but you can also "Save As" a DOC format in Pages, GoogleDocs or other software too.
  • RTF file: This stands for "Rich Text Format." By saving a file this way, you keep your styling intact.
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