History Book Design Services


People are often surprised to learn that the text pages of a book are designed. For every history book that attracts you in the bookstore, a skilled designer was employed to bring that content to life. Investing in Gorham Printing’s text and cover design services will result in more sales and more interest from booksellers and libraries that expect a book to look professionally designed.

The key to every successful design is communication. We are available to speak with you over the phone, in person, via email or text. The best designs always result from a close collaboration with the author. We’d love to make your history book beautiful!


What we need from you

  • Your text file. We prefer a single .doc or .rtf file. This format can be saved from most word-processing software. All editing should be completely finished before we start the design process.
  • Photo captions. Provide a single .doc file with an ordered list of captions matching the order of the photos within the book, with photo labels that correspond to the photo file names.
  • Images. You can provide original images for us to scan and optimize using Adobe Photoshop, or you can provide images already scanned. If you will be scanning the images yourself, see our Image Specs.
  • Cover copy. The words on the front, spine, and back are all known as cover copy. Don’t forget to provide any other cover items such as ISBN, author photo, logos, price, or categories.

How we design

Text Design

  • We will design your text pages using Adobe InDesign.
  • What we design will not look like your original document, although we will pay attention to your original organization.
  • We will choose an appropriate typeface that we feel works best for your book.
  • We follow the rules of the Chicago Manual of Style, our guidebook for all text design details.

Cover Design

  • We choose typefaces that will complement the cover imagery and the feel of the book. Visual appeal, readability online or in print, as well as the audience are all considered.
  • We can send design samples to review and discuss with you.